Tips and Tricks: How to Smoke Weed Inside

Almost every stoner can recall a moment when they had to hide out and secretly light up. Even though cannabis use is generally accepted in most states today, there are still Karens out there who are trying to ruin the fun. It might be a landlord who likes to play detective or your grandma who lives two doors down, either way it’s great to know a few tricks to cover up your tracks and discreetly smoke so that no one is the wiser. Are you ready to learn how to smoke weed inside like a pro? Let’s jump right into it.

Why does weed have such a characteristic smell?

Cannabis is a truly interesting plant to learn about, not just because of its psychoactive effects and perceived medicinal properties, but also because of the complex way that its naturally produced chemical compounds work together. One of these naturally produced compounds are terpenes. Terpenes are found in all types of plants and are responsible for the scent, flavor, and sometimes color of fruits, flowers, and leaves. Terpenes are non-psychoactive, so they don’t get you high, but each cannabis strain’s specific terpene profile is what gives it its distinctive aroma and taste. Researchers have identified over 20,000 different terpenes, however some are more commonly found in cannabis plants than others. Limonene, myrcene, pinene, linalool, and caryophyllene are just a few cannabis terpenes found in the highest concentrations. There are super dank cannabis strains that have powerful aromas when stored and also when smoked, while others are on the lighter side. If you’re serious about trying to smoke weed without smell, choose a strain that naturally has less scent like Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Northern Lights, or Green Crack to name a few.

How long does the smell of weed last in a room?

How long does the smell of weed last in a room?

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that allows cigarette smoking indoors or rode in an Uber where it was obvious that the driver smokes in the car? Cannabis has a distinct smell, but luckily for stoners, it doesn’t linger as long as cigarette smoke which has particles that embed itself in the carpet or couch and stays there for years. If you smoke in a non-ventilated room with the windows closed, the weed smell will linger for quite some time (hello hot boxing), but in a well ventilated space with open windows and a fan or two, the aroma should be gone completely in a few hours. If there’s a lot of material in the room that absorbs smells such as carpet, a bed, or a couch, the smoke may linger a bit longer, though not more than three to five hours at best. If you really want to know how to smoke weed in your room and reduce the time it takes the smoke to dissipate, use a fan and light up near the window, exhaling so the smoke goes directly outside. You can also “seal” the gap at the bottom of the door with a rolled up towel (damp is best) so there’s no chance of the smoke smell traveling into the rest of the house or out into the apartment hallway.

Tips and tricks: how to smoke weed inside

You won’t have to hide when lighting up or worry about being caught again. Just try some of these tested tips and tricks for smoking weed inside without leaving behind any evidence.

Use a vaporizer

Vaporizers are super trendy right now since they’re convenient, discreet, and travel friendly. There are many different types of vaporizers including oil vape pens that use cartridges or pods, dab pens (also called a wax pen) designed for consuming cannabis concentrates, and dry herb vaporizers for smoking flower. So there’s something for every type of smoking style! All of these vaporizers produce less fragrant vapor instead of harsh smoke, however it does still smell, though not as much as joint or bong smoke. If you’re smoking weed inside, this is one of the best options, especially if paired with a personal air filter or blown straight out of an open window. Keep in mind when trying to smoke weed without smell in an indoor place like a hotel room that vaporizers can trigger certain types of smoke alarms. The typical cheap fire alarm won’t be affected by vapor, however many non-smoking locations have upgraded to more sophisticated smoke detectors due to the popularity of vaping. Optical alarms, ionized smoke detectors, and dual fire alarms are all able to detect any type of disruption in the air and will be set off by a vape pen.

Try another method of consumption

The only way you can be absolutely sure no one will smell your weed smoke is if there’s no smoke to smell at all. That’s right, it’s time to try another method of cannabis consumption that still gets you high as the clouds, but won’t produce aromatic vapor or smoke. Instead give edibles, tinctures, or capsules a try. These methods do produce a different type of high, so if you only ever smoke, be sure to start out super slow and wait at least 45 minutes before taking another dose. Everyone knows about weed edibles, but tinctures are a bit different, they are usually taken sublingually (under the tongue) for quick absorption that hits sooner than eating an edible. Capsules are most commonly used for medicinal purposes or microdosing and is a simple, discreet way to get your dose of cannabinoids.

Use the proper container and ashtray

Stoners will often overlook the smell emanating from the ashtray, pipe bowl, or the dry herb itself. If you’re really trying to smoke weed without smell, you’ll need to have the right containers and accessories designed to minimize odors. Always keep dry herb in a container with an airtight lid to keep smells contained, but also to ensure the flower is fresh and usable for as long as possible. You’ll also want to keep pipes and bong bowls in an airtight container or at the very least, a Ziploc bag until you can give it a deep clean. The most important smoking accessory is an ashtray that has a cap or cover. This really helps to reduce ambient odors since ash, roaches, and emptied bowls smell a lot and can linger. 

Exhale into a personal air filter

One of the best investments for discreet smoking is a personal air filter. Long gone are the days of blowing smoke into a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets. Trust us, this old trick doesn’t work as great as you think it does and never fools anyone. One company has worked on creating an upgraded version of a sploof that actually does eliminate odors. The Smoke Buddy is a portable personal air filter that easily hides any smoke smell and works for 300 or more hits. It’s very travel friendly with a leash and cap to keep scents contained and is an essential item for any cannabis lover who needs to stay discreet. If you’re really worried about your nosy landlord, it’s a great idea to invest in a full stand alone air purifier to really get the air crystal clear.

Smoke in the shower

It may sound strange, but this tried and true trick actually works surprisingly well in most situations. You’ll need a sploof such as a homemade version with a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets or a portable personal air filter like the one mentioned above, a joint, and your usual shower stuff. Block up the bottom of the bathroom door with a rolled towel and start a hot shower. If there’s a window or ventilation fan, you’ll want to leave everything off and closed so the steam can build. Once the room is steamy, light up and exhale into the sploof before taking a shower. When you’re all done, turn on the ventilation fan and open the window to let the steam and smoke out. The warm vapor from the steam does wonders to annihilate the smoke smell.

Light a candle and spray the room

Skip the Febreze, all landlords know exactly what it means, and instead find yourself a room spray and candle with a sophisticated herbal scent that will easily mask lingering odors. Light the candle before you even light up for the best result and remember to keep the room ventilated. After you’re done smoking, be sure to put any ash, dry herb, or finished joints in airtight containers or they’ll keep producing a smell. Then give the room a spritz or two of room spray, but be sure not to overdo it which will lead to suspicion.

Perfect the post smoke sesh routine

If you’ve been in charge of the grill at a barbeque, you know that the smell can remain in clothes and hair even after they’re washed. Cover your tracks by jumping into the shower and washing your body and hair right after the smoke session is over. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and cap it off with perfume, cologne, or body spray to really throw any nosy Nancy off of the scent.

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