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Empire Glass Peyote Carb CapEmpire Glass Peyote Carb Cap
Benji Bankroll Bamboo Tray KitBenji Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit
Alien Ape Tray Kit - High In SpaceAlien Ape Tray Kit - High In Space
Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - OrangePuff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - Orange
Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - GreenPuff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - Green
Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - BluePuff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - Blue
Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - GrayPuff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat - Gray
Lilac Dala Moodmat (12")
Slate Dala Moodmat (8")
Sand Dala Moodmat (5")
Sand Antique Moodmat (12")
Gold Antique Moodmat (8")
Copper Antique Moodmat (5")
Ash Macro Moodmat (12")
Snow Macro Moodmat (8")
Mint Macro Moodmat (5")
Slate Flower Moodmat (12")
Turquoise Flower Moodmat (8")
Lime Flower Moodmat (5")
Tangie Metatron Moodmat (12")
Lemon Metatron Moodmat (8")
Rose Metatron Moodmat (5")
Snow Seed Moodmat (12")
Sand Seed Moodmat (8")
Ash Seed Moodmat (5")
Alien Ape Nectar Collector KitAlien Ape Nectar Collector Kit
GRAV Upline Water Pipe
Higher Standards Glass Spoon PipeHigher Standards Glass Spoon Pipe
Carry-on Water Pipe Bundle
Got It All Covered Bundle
Alien Ape BundleAlien Ape Bundle
The Ultimate Rig Bundle
Afghan Hemp Fan Bundle
Benji On-The-Go Bundle

K. Haring Glass Collection

Keith Haring was an American artist famous for his street-inspired art, and as a forerunner in using fashion and product to connect his works to a diverse, global audience. A vibrant visionary who used broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion, Haring united New York City street culture with pop art to create his own iconic visual language that continues to engage and excite.

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Save $20
Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)
Save $38.99
Vessel Essentials KitVessel Essentials Kit
Save $9
Smok Trinity AlphaSmok Trinity Alpha
$24.99 $33.99
Smok Trinity Alpha
Save $16
Geostrophics Bent ShredderGeostrophics Bent Shredder
$91.99 $107.99
Geostrophics Bent Shredder
Save $15
Geostrophics BeakerGeostrophics Beaker
$84.99 $99.99
Geostrophics Beaker
Save $15
Geostrophics Slim BeakerGeostrophics Slim Beaker
Save $15
Geostrophics RigGeostrophics Rig
$54.99 $69.99
Geostrophics Rig
Save $7
Suorin Edge KitSuorin Edge Kit
$19.99 $26.99
Suorin Edge Kit
Save $12
Ooze Duplex Multi-Use VaporizerOoze Duplex Multi-Use Vaporizer
Save $9
Glass Stone 14" Rasta Swirl Wrapped Beaker
Save $9
Glass Stone 12" Clear Textured Tip Beaker
Save $8
Glass Stone 9" Silver Fumed Straight TubeGlass Stone 9" Silver Fumed Straight Tube