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Afghan Hemp - Combo Tray Bundle (Custom)Afghan Hemp - Combo Tray Bundle (Custom)
Save $5
Afghan Hemp - Silicone Spring Bundle (Custom)Afghan Hemp - Silicone Spring Bundle (Custom)
Save $35
Afghan Hemp - Metal Bundle (Custom)Afghan Hemp - Metal Bundle (Custom)
Save $18.98
Afghan Hemp - Glass Bundle (Custom)Afghan Hemp - Glass Bundle (Custom)
Save $7.98
High Hemp - Favorite Flavor BundleHigh Hemp - Favorite Flavor Bundle
Save $31.96
Benji - Bankroll BundleBenji - Bankroll Bundle
Save $31.96
Benji - Glass Bundle (Custom)Benji - Glass Bundle (Custom)
Save $31.97
Benji - Walnut Bundle (Custom)Benji - Walnut Bundle (Custom)
Save $29.96
Benji - Metal Bundle (Custom)Benji - Metal Bundle (Custom)
Eyce Oraflex SpoonEyce Oraflex Spoon
Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Side Window (2")(50mm)Shredder - Side Window (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Drum Shape (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Drum Shape (2.2")(55mm)
Bottle Shape Dab Rig (6")
Hipster Two Tone Water Pipe (9")
Indigo 9mm Beaker Water Pipe (12")
Indigo Beaker Water Pipe (8")
Indigo 9mm Beaker Water Pipe (18")
Two-Tone Beaker Water Pipe (15")
Channel Percolator Water Pipe (18")
Triple Perc Water Pipe (16")
RYOT Stand Up Spoon Hand PipeRYOT Stand Up Spoon Hand Pipe
Mystery Box ?
Vessel Air - One-Hitter (3 pack)Vessel Air - One-Hitter (3 pack)
Save $20
Copy of ALEC Candle Jar Candle Bundle - SmallCopy of ALEC Candle Jar Candle Bundle - Small
Save $24
ALEC Candle Jar Candle Bundle - LargeALEC Candle Jar Candle Bundle - Large
VESSEL Helix (Pipe)VESSEL Helix (Pipe)
Space King - Heavy Hitter Torch LighterSpace King - Heavy Hitter Torch Lighter
Space King - Straight Torch LighterSpace King - Straight Torch Lighter
Space King - Steel Finish Torch LighterSpace King - Steel Finish Torch Lighter
Arsenal Tools C-5280 650mah Battery
Arsenal Tools C-5280 350mah Battery
Colorful Glass Bowl
Glass Hand Pipe (3")
Two Tone Bubbler (6")
Extra Large Bubbler (13")
Multicolor Large Bubbler (10")
Mini Rig Fixed Stem Water Pipe (6")

BENJI Papers Collection

Finest $100 bill print rolling papers, pre-rolled cones and accessories. All paper products are lab-tested, and food grade vegetable oil is used for coloring. Accessories include a range of products from variety of rolling trays, rolling tips, grinders and more. Check out the entire collection and learn more.

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Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)
Save $15
Save $38.99
Vessel Essentials Bundle KitVessel Essentials Bundle Kit
Save $15
Glass Stone 12" Clear Textured Tip Beaker
Save $26
Coil Spoon w/ Critter - Made in U.S.A.Coil Spoon w/ Critter - Made in U.S.A.
Save $26
Connect Speaker Rolling TrayConnect Speaker Rolling Tray
Save $15
OVNS JC01 - Vaporizer
Save $20
Liquid Sci Trust - Vaporizer
Save $7
Smoant S8 - Pod Device Kit
Save $15
ALD AMAZE - Mango Starter Kit

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