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Alien Ape Torch Lighter - LargeAlien Ape Torch Lighter - Large
Alien Ape - Torch Lighter - MediumAlien Ape - Torch Lighter - Medium
Space King Stackable Glass Silicone JarSpace King Stackable Glass Silicone Jar
Arsenal Grenade Torch Lighter
Shower Perc Water Pipe (8")
Inline Perc Water Pipe (8")
Clear Straight Tube Water Pipe (8")
T=HC2 Einstein Blackhole Ashtray
Infinity Mirror Glowing TrayInfinity Mirror Glowing Tray
Glass Hand Pipe - Mini (3")Glass Hand Pipe - Mini (3")
Glass Bubbler - Knit (6")
Glass Hand Pipe - Chesty (3.25")
Glass Hand Pipe - Algea (4.25")
Glass Hand Pipe - Seafloor (4")
Glass Hand Pipe - Ribbons (3.5")
Glass Hand Pipe - Swirly (3.5")
Glass Hand Pipe - Scoop (3.5")
Mini Water Pipe - Frosty (8")
Soft Glass Water Pipe - Storm (12")
Silicone Container - Dice BrickSilicone Container - Dice Brick
Glass Carb Cap - MartiniGlass Carb Cap - Martini
Metal Pipe - MagneticMetal Pipe - Magnetic
Essential Glass Water Pipe KitEssential Glass Water Pipe Kit
Stash and GrindStash and Grind

Keith Haring Glass Collection


The K. Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards is functional art and lifestyle products emboldened with the powerful, iconic imagery of legendary artist Keith Haring. A social activist and creative visionary, Haring used his artwork to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion. The K.Haring Glass Collection carries on his legacy, breaking boundaries and bringing colorful works of art into the everyday counterculture lifestyle.

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Keith Haring Glass Collection

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