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Dab Rite™ Digital IR ThermometerDab Rite™ Digital IR Thermometer
The Flow TrayThe Flow Tray
Waxmaid Silicone Water Pipe - 4 in 1Waxmaid Silicone Water Pipe - 4 in 1
Soft-Glass Water Pipe - Skull (7")Soft-Glass Water Pipe - Skull (7")
Aura Runner Moodmat (UV)
Lunar Runner Moodmat
Daylily Sesh Moodmat
Begonia Sesh Moodmat
Verde Blanket Moodmat
Dillon Blanket Moodmat
Yamabushi Moodmat
Bloodshed Moodmat
Chump Magic Trippy Kitty Moodmat
Mike Cole Ceiling Moodmat
VisualFiber Moodmat
Vincent Gordon Moodmat
Orfin Money Stack Moodmat
Grotie Plumber Moodmat
Slum Gold Mixtape Moodmat (UV)
Kaj Beck Moodmat
Jeff Heath Murrine Moodmat
Jake C WigWag Moodmat
Karma Glass Vibe Saver Moodmat
Brian Jacobson Moodmat
Bob Snodgrass Moodmat (UV)
Burnt Bitrug Moodmat (UV)
Bolt Bitrug Moodmat (UV)
Mowab Bitrug Moodmat (UV)
Smoking Skull Glass Tray
Buddha Master Glass Tray
Air Marley Glass Tray
Bundle 17Bundle 17
Bundle 13
Bundle 11
Bundle 8
Bundle 4
G-Pipe HyBird Glass Twist BluntG-Pipe HyBird Glass Twist Blunt
THICKET Discreet Water PipeTHICKET Discreet Water Pipe
Collage Glass Tray
Stoner Mermaid Glass Tray

Keith Haring Glass Collection


The K. Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards is functional art and lifestyle products emboldened with the powerful, iconic imagery of legendary artist Keith Haring. A social activist and creative visionary, Haring used his artwork to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion. The K.Haring Glass Collection carries on his legacy, breaking boundaries and bringing colorful works of art into the everyday counterculture lifestyle.

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Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)
Save $15
Save $38.99
Vessel Essentials KitVessel Essentials Kit
Save $9
Glass Stone 12" Clear Textured Tip Beaker
Save $15
Geostrophics BeakerGeostrophics Beaker
$84.99 $99.99
Geostrophics Beaker
Save $10
Eyce Silicone BubblerEyce Silicone Bubbler
$34.99 $44.99
Eyce Silicone Bubbler
Save $15
Geostrophics RigGeostrophics Rig
$54.99 $69.99
Geostrophics Rig
Save $7
Suorin Vagon Pod Mod KitSuorin Vagon Pod Mod Kit
$24.99 $31.99
Suorin Vagon Pod Mod Kit
Save $2
OCB Zebra Tray
From $7.99 $9.99
OCB Zebra Tray
Save $10
Vaptio C-Flat Pod ModVaptio C-Flat Pod Mod
$9.99 $19.99
Vaptio C-Flat Pod Mod
Save $3
OCB Organic H Lady Rolling Tray (Small)

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