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Monster Face Eye Pipe (4")Monster Face Eye Pipe (4")
Novelty Grinder - Comics 2" (50mm)Novelty Grinder - Comics 2" (50mm)
Grav Rain Pocket BubblerGrav Rain Pocket Bubbler
Afghan Hemp Glass Tray - Grandpa
VESSEL RIDGE Charging StandVESSEL RIDGE Charging Stand
Shredder - Lightning (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Lightning (2.5")(63mm)
Shredder - Cone Top (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Cone Top (2.2")(55mm)
Shredder - Blue Drum (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Blue Drum (2.2")(55mm)
Shredder - Ashtray Lid (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Ashtray Lid (2.5")(63mm)
Shredder - Stealth (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Stealth (2.5")(63mm)
Puffco Peak Pro Power DockPuffco Peak Pro Power Dock
Puffco Peak Pro Smart RigPuffco Peak Pro Smart Rig
Happy Kit Dab Mini KitHappy Kit Dab Mini Kit
Waxmaid Ares Electronic Dab RigWaxmaid Ares Electronic Dab Rig
Yocan Kodo Cartridge BatteryYocan Kodo Cartridge Battery
Yocan Apex Vaporizer - ConcentrateYocan Apex Vaporizer - Concentrate
Genius Pipe - Dab PipeGenius Pipe - Dab Pipe
Genius Pipe - MiniGenius Pipe - Mini

Marley Natural Smoke Glass Collection

Marley Natural’s new Smoked Glass Collection is a suite of richly tinted pipes, bubblers, tasters, and other accessories. The collection effortlessly balances form and function for an elevated smoking experience. Each piece is made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which holds up well to travel and heavy use, and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you enjoy the benefits of your herbs with every hit.

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Save $19
Empire Glass Siracha Rig HandmadeEmpire Glass Siracha Rig Handmade
Save $10
Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)Benji Pre-Rolled Cones (1000 pack)
Save $49.01
Save $16
Geostrophics Bent ShredderGeostrophics Bent Shredder
$91.99 $107.99
Geostrophics Bent Shredder
Save $38.99
Vessel Essentials KitVessel Essentials Kit
Save $9
Glass Stone 12" Clear Textured Tip Beaker
Save $22
Prometheus Pocket PipePrometheus Pocket Pipe
Save $15
Geostrophics BeakerGeostrophics Beaker
$84.99 $99.99
Geostrophics Beaker
Save $11
Eyce Silicone RigEyce Silicone Rig
$37.99 $48.99
Eyce Silicone Rig
Save $8
Glass Stone 9" Silver Fumed Straight TubeGlass Stone 9" Silver Fumed Straight Tube
Save $10
Eyce Silicone BubblerEyce Silicone Bubbler
$34.99 $44.99
Eyce Silicone Bubbler
Save $15
Geostrophics RigGeostrophics Rig
$54.99 $69.99
Geostrophics Rig