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Puffco Peak Vision Smart Rig (Limited Edition)
Yocan B-Smart Slim Twist Battery
Puffco Peak Sunset Smart Rig (Limited Edition)
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Yocan Uni Pro 510 Thread Variable Voltage Cartridge Battery Mod
Puffco Peak Neon Lightening Smart Rig (Limited Edition)
Yocan UNI (Universal Cartridge Battery)
Smok Nord
Smok Trinity Alpha
$24.99 $33.99
Sutra Stik
Ooze Twist Cartridge Battery
Ooze Gusher Classic Globe Vaporizer
Ooze Comet Portable E-nail
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Focus Vape Carta
PAX 3 (DRY Herb Only)
Pipe 710 Folding Style Cartridge Vaporizer
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Wulf Uni
Atman Lucky Bear 510 cartridge pen
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Suorin Edge Kit
$21.99 $26.99
Ooze Cruze 510 Vaporizer
Ooze Duplex Multi-Use Vaporizer
$39.99 $49.99
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Star Wars Death Star Grinder

Renew the Redwoods

Amazing piece. Even though the base is a little small, the shear weight of the glass keeps it upright. Great packaging too, even usps couldn’t break it

Decent design

A little overpriced for kind of detail your getting though, but it functions so I guess that's okay..

Exactly as displayed

A great tray and a good magnetic lid make this a perfect gift, was very satisfied with the design and detail.