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3" Jane West™ Taster3" Jane West™ Taster
4" GRAV® Glass Blunt4" GRAV® Glass Blunt
Elevate Mighty Hitter PipeElevate Mighty Hitter Pipe
Eyce ShortyEyce Shorty
Glass Chillum Bat (2 sizes)Glass Chillum Bat (2 sizes)
Glass Chillum PipeGlass Chillum Pipe
Grav 12mm Silicone Sleeved TasterGrav 12mm Silicone Sleeved Taster
Grav 16mm Sleeved OctotasterGrav 16mm Sleeved Octotaster
JEM Glass Astro BatsJEM Glass Astro Bats
JEM Glass Fishy One HittersJEM Glass Fishy One Hitters
K. Haring TasterK. Haring Taster
Save $19.99
Mag Blunt - Magnet inside a glass tube for easier ashingMag Blunt - Magnet inside a glass tube for easier ashing
Marley Natural Small Taster
Marley Natural Smoked Glass TasterMarley Natural Smoked Glass Taster
RYOT Wood Taster with Glass BowlRYOT Wood Taster with Glass Bowl
Save $10
TKC Bent Bat ChillumsTKC Bent Bat Chillums
$19.99 $29.99
TKC Bent Bat Chillums
Save $5
TKC Glass Clear Icon ChillumsTKC Glass Clear Icon Chillums
Save $5
TKC Glass Freckled ChillumsTKC Glass Freckled Chillums
$9.99 $14.99
TKC Glass Freckled Chillums
Save $7
TKC Glass Swirl ChillumsTKC Glass Swirl Chillums
$12.99 $19.99
TKC Glass Swirl Chillums
Vessel Air - One-Hitter (3 pack)Vessel Air - One-Hitter (3 pack)

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