Mag Blunt - Magnet inside a glass tube for easier ashing

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Attract Green - Repel Ash

First of its kind and patent pending design. MAG BLUNT is a new way of smoking on the go and a cleaner, more simple process of ashing your pipe. 

  • 14mm Compatible
  • Magnetic Asherband
  • Constant Fresh Hits
  • Easy Loading
  • 1g Capacity
  • Clog Proof
  • Self Cleaning
  • Puckerless Mouthpiece
  • Precision Session
  • All Glass
  • Heat Activated
  • Magnetic Screen
  • Filter Compatible
  • Cold Lock
  • Lighter Keeper
  • Micro Hits
  • Auto Perfect Pack
  • Passive Extinguish
  • Live Repack
  • Levitates
  • One Handed Control
  • Distance Cooling
  • Consistent Burn
  • Screen-less
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mag blunt

Ordered a mag blunt and recently received it. I used it for the first time and its an awesome producted. There are many blunts out there but this one convenient and easy to use and to clean compare to the others I own. You will not be disappointed with the mag blunt. Thanks again.


Whoever thought of this will be rich! Pure form of smoking. Smoother delivery system.

Love it

Would like to be able to purchase the rubber disk at the mouth piece in case it falls down the drain when you are washing it.