Mag Blunt - Magnet inside a glass tube for easier ashing

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Norman N. (Lake Forest, US)
Best way to smoke leaf pot

Way easier than rolling a traditional joint and more convenient than most pipes. Just fill the tube up and smut all up or just part and cap for later. Smokes smoother than a joint , no paper to burn. Not as smooth as a bong, but much more convenient and no clean up issues. Although the glass tube turns dark with with pot burning residue, easily cleans up with regular alcohol or available pipe cleaning solutions. ONLY drawback is that the Magblunt is glass and will shatter is dropped on a hard surface. So Luis to have a backup

Errol S. (Regina, CA)
Love it!

Super easy to use and carry when in case. Highly recommended.

James S. (Wolcott, US)
Mag blunt

This glass blunt is amazing! It really helped my cough and helped me quit smoking tobacco. It’s a great buy!

William S. (McKees Rocks, US)
won't replace my joint, but nice novelty

Nice over all but not really a stick in your pocket thing without a protective case which makes for a big pocket item.
The chamber between the mouth tip and the magnet stays full of smoke, perhaps a small shotgun hole would help? Needs relit a lot.
Easy to clean. I like the design more than the auger screw designed ones.
Worth having one around for the decent price.

Michael K. (Naples, US)
Great idea and device!

The Mag Blunt really works well as long as you “ash” during your sesh! When I first started using it I didn’t clear the ash out right away and it would be difficult to clear the ash as it would stick at the sides. I learned that if I clean the ash out as I go, the Mag Blunt really works well. I intend to get another.

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