Honey on Blunt: Why You Should Try It

Every cannabis connoisseur likes to experiment with different methods of consumption and various smoking accessories to find out what fits best with their preferences and lifestyle. From vaporizers, joints, and bongs to dab rigs or bubblers, there are tons of ways to smoke. You’ve probably tried a blunt or two, but have you ever smoked a honey blunt or honey joint? If not, you’re in for a sweet treat that will tickle your tastebuds and get you blazed really quick. This step-by-step guide explains what a honey blunt is, the best materials to use, and exactly how to roll a honey blunt that burns smooth and tastes delicious. By the end of this article, you’ll be rolling honey blunts like a pro.

What is a honey blunt?

Just like the name suggests, a honey blunt combines two things, natural honey and a cannabis cigar, also known as a blunt. Honey is usually used to coat the outside of the blunt and seal it up, but some stoners also like to include a thin layer on the inside of the blunt as well, which helps the ground flower stick. The honey gives each hit added sweetness, changing up the flavor profile of a strain, and is also used as a way to help kief or cannabis concentrates stick to the outside to create an infused blunt. Combining this honey method with an already sweet cannabis strain and even a honey flavored blunt wrap can make for a totally new smoking experience. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Honey on blunt: Why are stoners doing it?

When it comes to smoking blunts, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic tobacco flavor and heavy smoke or maybe a flavored blunt wrap or cigarillo. But putting natural honey on a blunt adds another dimension of sweetness that is completely irresistible. Stoners roll a honey blunt or honey joint when they want to add some excitement to their smoke session with a new delicious flavor. Honey blunts are easy to make and have tons of options to customize. For pot lovers looking to get as high as possible, the honey makes a great base for kief or dry herb to stick to, adding additional potency to each puff.

What else can be added to blunts and joints?

What else can be added to blunts and joints?

  • Infused honey on blunt - Now you know honey tastes great on a blunt, so why not take it up another notch with cannabis infused honey! It can be purchased, but is actually very easy to make at home too if you’re up for a little DIY. Just follow a basic cannabutter recipe, but swap out the butter for raw honey. The trick is to properly decarb the flower first, keep a low temperature, and be sure to constantly watch the mixture when cooking since it can burn in an instant. If you plan to make infusions, extracts, or edibles regularly, think about investing in a cannabutter machine that ensures potent and flavorful infusions each and every time.
  • Kief sprinkled blunt - Having a rough day and need an extra kick? If your herb grinder has a kief screen, unscrew the bottom compartment and carefully sprinkle the potent pollen inside a blunt or joint before rolling it up for an extra-strength smokable. Kief can also be added to bong bowls or sprinkled onto a honey joint or blunt so it sticks to it and doesn’t fall off. It does take quite some time to get enough kief collected in an herb grinder to use in this way, so rolling a kief honey blunt will be an extra special treat.
  • Cannabis concentrate infused blunt - Just like infused pre-rolls and homemade joints, a blunt can be infused for added potency as well. Shatter, budder, oil, and wax (referred to as twaxing a joint) are some of the most popular cannabis extracts used to beef up a joint or blunt. Soft concentrates like budder are easy to spread on the inside, outside, or used to seal the blunt just like honey. Depending on the extract, this can dramatically change the flavor of the blunt. Be very careful and take it super slow if you’ve never tried an infused blunt before. This type of blunt should only be rolled by experienced smokers who already partake in concentrates due to the insanely high potency.
  • Blunt dipped in cognac - Before humidors became a thing, cigar smokers would dip their cigar into a glass of cognac, rum, or other dark alcohol to give it some moisture. Cigar shops today tell people not to do this since the humidity levels are controlled and a decent cigar shouldn’t be too dried out, but the tradition remains and some smokers just can’t resist. If you want to give it a try, dip the cigarillo, cigar, or blunt wrap in the alcohol before cutting it or adding any dry herb. Get it nice and moist, then set it aside to dry out for a bit. Once the outside is pliable but not soaking wet, it’s time to roll the blunt. Smokers often use cognac, whiskey, dark rum, or añejo tequila. A dark liquor and a blunt sounds like the perfect pairing, and it is!
  • Dry mint leaves inside blunts- Cannabis connoisseurs like to experiment with adding different herbs and plants to their blunts or joints in the hopes of coming across a mindblowing new combination of flavors and effects. Some of the most popular are tobacco, chamomile, damiana, marshmallow root, ashwagandha, and passionflower, but dried mint leaves give off a delicious flavor that can’t be beat. Most herbal shops sell dried mint leaves, which can be grinded and added to blunts or joints, adding a slight menthol taste that isn’t overpowering. Don’t use more than 25% mint leaves to cannabis flower.

How to roll a honey blunt

If you already know how to roll a normal blunt, rolling a honey blunt will be simple. If not, don’t worry, simply follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be enjoying the sweet smoke in no time. You’ll need the following materials to get started:


  • 1 to 2 grams of cannabis flower (this depends on the size of the blunt wrap)
  • Blunt wrap, cigarillo, or cigar
  • Raw honey
  • Spoon or butter knife to spread the honey
  • Knife, scissors, or razor blade to crack the cigarillo or cigar
  • Herb grinder
  • Optional: rolling tray, tip or crutch

Step-by-step instructions: How to make a honey blunt

  1. Grind the herb - Begin with one of the most important steps, breaking down the nugs. Pick apart a nug and place it into the teeth compartment of the herb grinder. Turn the herb grinder back and forth so the flower is shredded into even pieces. This is key for a smooth burning honey blunt. Once you have enough material grinded to fill up the blunt wrap, set it aside. This should be roughly 1 to 2 grams, but may be more if using a large cigar.
  2. Prepare the cigar or cigarillo - Work over a rolling tray for this step so any fallen material is caught and doesn’t end up in the couch. Using a knife, scissors, or razor blade, cut the cigar lengthwise to empty out its contents. It’s also possible to crack the cigar with your fingers if out and about without a knife. Do so very carefully so the outer wrapper doesn’t tear. If the cigar is very dry, you may need to add some moisture by licking it, or adding some water or honey. Once open, remove the tobacco inside and discard it. If using a blunt wrap, you can move on to step number 3.
  3. Add honey on blunt - Stoners typically use two different methods to roll a honey blunt. The first technique is to lightly coat the inside of the blunt wrap with a very, very thin coat of honey prior to adding the dry herb. The second method is the most popular and requires rolling a normal blunt, then coating the outside with honey. Whatever method you choose, be sure to only use a very thin layer that’s almost invisible to the naked eye.
  4. Roll and seal the blunt - If you haven’t done so already, add the dry herb to the blunt wrapper and start rolling it between your thumbs and fingers using two hands. Pince one end and roll one side of the blunt wrap over the other to close up the honey blunt. To have a good seal, the blunt shouldn’t be overfilled. Normally, you’d lick the blunt to create the seal, but since this is a honey blunt, seal it up with a thin coat of honey. The entire length of the blunt should be smooth and secure with no areas lifting up.
  5. More honey! - Turn your newly rolled blunt into a honey blunt by giving it a light coat of honey. Yes, more honey! If the coat is too thick, not only will it make a mess, the blunt may not burn or light properly due to the added moisture. Coat the entire blunt with honey except for a small half inch portion at one end so you can hold it and smoke it without getting honey all over your lips and fingers.
  6. Optional kief or flower coat - If you want to add more potency to the honey blunt, give it a coat of kief or more dry herb. Right after adding the outer honey layer, sprinkle on some kief or spread out extra dry herb that has been ground up on a rolling tray and roll the honey blunt over it for an extra coat. Dry hash or shatter that has been finely ground also works well for this step as well as stretching out a honey dab into a thin string and rolling it around the outside of the honey blunt.
  7. Spark it up - Find that lighter, call up a friend or two and give this delicious honey blunt a try. If coated with kief, extra flower, or concentrates, be ready for a sugar high that will get you instantly baked.

How to roll a honey blunt

What kind of dry herb to use in a honey blunt

Any type of legal dry herb will work of course, but strains with sweet notes or fruity undertones pair perfectly with the sweetness of the honey for a complete experience. For the best tasting honey blunt, try sweet cannabis strains such as: Honey Kush, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolope, Honey Banana, Fortune Cookies, Honey Bun, and Honey Bee. As always, potency, flavor, and effects will all depend on the quality of the flower used. For the smoothest burn, break up each nug thoroughly with an herb grinder so that it’s a consistent and even size. This will ensure your honey blunt won’t go out too much and burn slowly and evenly.

What cigar should I use for a honey blunt

Cigars and cigarillos may be the classic way to roll a blunt, but blunt wraps are a lot easier, save time, and make less mess since they’re already cut and emptied. Blunt wraps come in a variety of flavors and materials for those who want to try something new or prefer not to consume tobacco. Some of the post popular tobacco-free blunt wraps are made from palm leaves, hemp, and mint, and there’s also self-rolling blunt wraps that make rolling when away from home a breeze. For an explosion of honey sweetness, try a honey flavored blunt wrap from High Hemp or CAMO self-rolling blunt wraps for your next honey blunt.

What kind of honey to use on a honey blunt

There are hundreds of different kinds of honey, but there’s no need to make the decision more complicated than it needs to be. Pick a raw, 100% pure honey or try an infused honey for an additional punch of potency.

Can you save a honey blunt made with too much honey

As mentioned earlier, it’s really important to only use a very thin layer of honey when rolling a honey blunt or it can get soggy and wont’ light. If you accidentally doused your blunt in honey, it’s possible that it can be saved, but this will depend on how wet it actually got. The best option is to lay it on a flat surface that you don’t mind getting sticky like a rolling tray or wax paper and let it sit for a few hours. This will help to dry it out. Another method is to put it in the oven on very low heat for 5 to 10 minutes to help get rid of some of the moisture. It’s much easier to simply redo the honey blunt and start over than it is to fix one that was made with too much honey.