How To Clean A Grinder: Step by Step Guide

One of the most essential smoking accessories will always be a grinder, no matter what method you prefer to get high. Whether you like to roll fat joints or only smoke big bong rips - grinders are a crucial component to a quality smoke session. Using a grinder ensures the finest shredded smoking materials, which helps to maximize the effects of what is being smoked. Have you ever loaded a bong bowl with little nugs pulled apart because there was not a grinder in sight? If you have, then you understand that thicker, bigger nugs that are smoked instead of finely grounded Mary Jane is not a very pleasurable experience. With a lot of air coming through each hit and materials burning quicker and less evenly than it would if grounded up, grinders very much contribute positively to a smoke session. But did you know that you need to clean a grinder periodically? If you were unaware, grinders need a good cleaning every so often and based on the type of grinder you have is how you will clean and care for it. Learn how to clean a weed grinder before grabbing one of our best weed grinders so you know exactly how to care for your accessories and make them long lasting.

Why clean your grinder?

As you can imagine, over time there is a lot of leftover residue that can and will build up, creating a lot of bacteria that would obviously come into contact with your weed contents. It is important to know how to clean a weed grinder properly so that you can care for your belongings to get the most use out of it. Even if you only own a plastic grinder, it is absolutely a necessity to know how to clean a grinder. Whether you are a novice user or a daily user, grinders can really build up some gunk over time and to avoid that the best way is to give a good cleaning, the way you would with other smoking accessory pieces. Although grinders are not smoked out of, it is very important to understand that it comes into very close interaction with the contents that are being smoked. So because of this and the type of bacteria transfer and mold that can accumulate, including your grinder in your maintenance cleaning schedule should put anyone’s mind at ease.

How to clean a grinder: step-by-step process

How to clean a grinder: step-by-step process

After introducing the idea that you should definitely clean your grinder, you are probably wondering how to actually do it? While it is a pretty straightforward task, there are a few tips and tricks on how to make this easier for yourself. 

What do you need to clean your grinder?

While there are weed grinder cleaner solutions available, users can also create a weed grinder cleaner at home with products already commonly found around the house. Here is a list of the following items you can use when learning how to clean a weed grinder:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Bowl
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Ziploc bag or container
  • Water
  • Towel

There are a few different ways to clean your grinder, one that will save the leftover resin in a grinder while the other method will not, but is much quicker. Sometimes you will need to do one method as a quick clean if you are lacking on time, and the other method is for a necessary deep cleaning session when time allows. 

Quick cleaning a weed grinder

If you are in a hurry but need to check “clean a grinder'' off of your to-do list, the quick clean method will be your best bet in easing your mind and getting the job done within time constraints. While this quick clean method will not save you the good stuff that is left at the bottom of grinders, it will get the job done fast and get you back up and running to grinding your weed in no time. We do not recommend this method if you have a choice, but if you also need to keep your accessories spotless so it produces less of a smell - this quick clean method is especially for you!

1. Separate grinder pieces 

Grinders have two, three, four, or five separate pieces to it and when cleaning a grinder make sure each piece is singled out so that it can be cleaned properly. 

2. Take grinder pieces and soak in isopropyl alcohol

Using a ziploc bag or container, take each piece and place it into the bag or container of choice. Using isopropyl alcohol, use enough of it to submerge the pieces so that it can soak for about 20-30 minutes. Shaking the container periodically will also help the weed material to loosen up in the grinder pieces over time which will make the next steps much easier.

3. Give grinder pieces a good scrub

After removing the grinder pieces from the container soaked in isopropyl alcohol, use the hard bristled brush to get in between the teeth and corners where weed material tends to build up the most. You will want to rinse and scrub a few times to make sure the small crevices are taken care of. 

4. Rinse grinder and dry

Rinse all grinder pieces with water, making sure that all isopropyl alcohol is rinsed off. If you see any remaining plant material, feel free to repeat the scrubbing stage and rinse again. This step can take as quick or as long as you please! Make it worth your while and give it a nice and thoughtful clean. Once all grinder pieces are wiped off and completely dry, your grinder is ready to be used again!

How do I deep clean my grinder?

The other method to cleaning a grinder involves more time but gives the gift of leftover grinder resin, something that only patient stoners can appreciate and wait to use - just make sure to store safely before a deep clean! Now, what is the difference between a quick clean and a deep clean? The only other thing to add to your list of items needed is a freezer. Yes, a FREEZER. Why on earth would you need a freezer to deep clean a grinder? All thanks to science, magic, or whatever you want to believe. The trichomes and stickiness of the leftover resin in a grinder is typically hard to remove on your own and can cause quite a mess. But pop that bad boy in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour, give it a good shake and all of the leftover resin will easily lift from the grinder. Repeat the same steps as a quick clean but now you will have some kief to sprinkle over your next joint or bong bowl!

How do I clean my grinder and save kief?

The deep clean freezer method will be your best bet to successfully saving the leftover kief that should never be wasted. Sure, we understand time constraints in life and sometimes you just don’t have the time to stop what you’re doing and perform a deep clean. But when it comes to saving the kief of a dirty grinder, it is worth your while to carve out some time for this. With a quick clean, users will need to instantly wet their grinder and that will ultimately ruin the leftover kief built up in it. The freezer method will get you a good amount of leftover kief so don’t knock it til you try it.

How do you clean a metal grinder without alcohol?

How do you clean a metal grinder without alcohol?

A pretty pungent smell can be a result of using alcohol when cleaning a grinder, and for those that are into more holistic solutions and want to stray away from using alcohol-based cleaners, some good old fashion soap and water will have to do. Metal grinders can get tricky and will need a good scrubbing in order to get all of the resin off, but it will make all the difference if a user freezes it prior to scrubbing clean. Isopropyl alcohol makes the cleaning process much easier than soap and water ever could, but it will still get the job done if you make the time to do the extra scrubbing. 

Can I clean my grinder with hot water?

Depending on what kind of grinder you own, it is always best to clean a grinder with warm water to avoid possibly damaging the grinder material. If cleaning a plastic grinder it is most definitely recommended to use water instead of isopropyl alcohol that can melt the material down. Hot water can be used but of course exercise caution and be sure that your grinder is well suited for it. While hot water can instantly remove built up resin it can also burn your hands and cause a bigger mess. Warm water, on the other hand, is a safer alternative that gives the same result with a good scrub accompanied with it. 

Weed grinder cleaner

Now that you are aware of how to clean a weed grinder, you have zero excuse but to keep your grinders clean. With such an easy cleaning process that comes with the reward of kief, it is a no brainer to keep an eye on the built up resin in your grinder and plan a cleaning in a timely manner. You will want to make sure that enough kief is built up over time to make it worth your while, so every few months is a solid routine to clean a grinder. Add it to your calendar, set some reminders and grind away until cleaning day comes. At Puff Puff Pass It, there are a ton of weed grinders to choose from and we want to make sure we deliver you the best products and customer service around. We know we are more than the average smoke shop with our speedy delivery from our wide selection of accessories, and we are proud to share our Puff Puff Pass It story for anyone that is curious! Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have, we’re always here and happy to help!