Best Methods To Keep Weed Fresh

When you find some really good weed, it is only natural to want to get as much of it as you possibly can. And even if you have a large load on your hands, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it, like the freshness of each batch and how to best preserve your goodies for weeks to come. There are a few tricks to best keep cannabis storage properly and if you know how to store weed you will probably save yourself some money in the long run without having to throw out unused but expired dry herbs. Make sure to pay attention to these useful pointers and grab some herb storage containers to help yourself out!

Why is it important to store weed correctly?

It is important to keep weed fresh for a variety of reasons, and many of these reasons are essential to pay attention to when storing weed for long periods of time. If you do not keep cannabis storage properly, bacteria and mold can build up which will waste your buds and could potentially be harmful to you if it is smoked or inhaled. Based on the following factors, each can play a significant role in how to keep weed fresh by knowing how to store weed:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Humidity
  • Temperature (heat)

While other factors do contribute to freshness, overall the above are things you can control in the environment you place keep weed storage in. Actually, growing weed requires optimum light, air humidity and temperature so it only makes sense that storing it will need the same kind of attention to some degree. 

What is the best temperature to store cannabis?

The most ideal temperature when learning how to store weed properly is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity and heat can play major factors in speeding up the aging process and freshness of weed, so when your stash is kept in a cooler climate and out of direct sunlight it can truly thrive without potentially growing mold in the coming weeks. The most ideal range for weed temperatures should be between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so anything over 70 degrees will start to increase levels of heat and humidity which is not what you want when it comes to keeping cannabis storage. 

How do light and oxygen affect cured cannabis?

Both light and oxygen can affect the way you keep cannabis storage and this can depend on where you live and the conditions of your environment. Direct sunlight especially can be pretty harsh and too much light in general will typically dry out cured cannabis, so combined with lack of proper oxygen levels this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to preserving weed. Ideally, storing in a cool and dry place where not too much oxygen is exposed (like in an airtight container) will definitely help with overexposing those precious buds and help to keep weed fresh as long as possible. 

Is refrigerating or freezing weed bad?

Based on personal preference, users might try refrigerating or freezing weed especially if they are in warmer climates and exposed to more humidity. Similar to bread, if you place weed in the fridge it might help with keeping weed fresh, but is not the best method when compared to freezing weed. Freezing weed can be one of the best ways to store unused buds, as cannabis can lose a good amount of its potency in just three months. While refrigeration might cause some mold issues, freezing your buds to keep cannabis storage and keep weed fresh is a great method on how to store weed fast and efficiently. If you can avoid doing either, placing it in a cool, dry and dark place will allow you to efficiently store weed instead of leaving it out in conditions that will speed up the degradation process. 

What is the best smell-proof container for weed?

The best smell-proof containers for weed are those that are great for insulation since that is the best way to keep cannabis storage. Typically airtight, dark containers are ideal since they can block direct sunlight and allow the weed to stay fresh as long as possible. If you are looking at how to store weed with a smell-proof container, look for anything that is also inconspicuous which can help protect your privacy without giving away where your weed stash is. Smell-proof containers that are airtight will also help control humidity levels that are best for a weed environment, so it is usually a good idea to buy smell-proof containers from your trusted online head shop that has the best brands and various sized containers for convenience. 

How to store joints?

How to store joints?

To fully optimize your setup and know how to store weed, depending on the method of weed consumption will determine how you will keep cannabis storage. There are baggies that are containers for flower storage, and then there are joint cases that will make a joint smoker’s life much easier by holding joints securely. There are several choices when it comes to joint cases, and a few questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a joint case to keep cannabis storage:

  • How many joints to store, one joint or several joints?
  • Type of material in joint cases - wood, plastic, metal
  • Is it discreet or very noticeable?

By considering the following questions above, this list should guide your online shopping experience for a smooth sail all the way through checkout. Sometimes joint cases even have room to store some extra weed and papers! The ultimate setup exists and you should definitely get in on the fun to make your travel life with weed a lot less stressful.

How to store wax, rso oils, etc.?

How to store wax, rso oils, etc.?

Knowing how to store weed when it comes to cannabis concentrates and oils is a whole different ball game, so keeping cannabis storage when it comes to wax will be a different type of container than joint cases or weed baggies. Silicone containers are what dab containers are made of, and are best for its non-stick material to avoid a mess. Silicone containers come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes which makes it a fun accessory to add to any dab collection. Choose from smaller containers if you only have a certain amount, and there are bigger containers for those that like to keep wax in bulk. It is important to note how to store weed properly in bulk because the more you have on hand the more effort that needs to be made to keep it as fresh as possible. Dab containers are fun to have regardless because you can essentially keep whatever contents you want in there. The non-stick aspect and cool dab container designs that are available make it hard to pass up when looking to keep cannabis storage on hand. 

What you should avoid during the storage of your cannabis?

If you do not have access to keep cannabis storage properly, there are at least a few don’ts that should be thought through to avoid making your lack of storage a worse situation for yourself. There are a few things to avoid when keeping cannabis storage, so take some notes on the following and at the very least you will steer clear of making any crucial cannabis storage mistakes. 

  • Do not use plastic containers for long term storage as it can degrade the quality of cannabis over time. Silicone containers and glass containers are ideal for long term storage because they do a better job of preserving the air and humidity within the container.
  • Do not keep cannabis storage in direct sunlight as it can quickly affect the quality of the stored cannabis. It is best to keep cannabis storage in a cool and dry place and preferably a dark setting.
  • Do not store cannabis vape pens sideways as it can affect a cartridge’s performance. Setting vape pens upright when storing and making sure it is powered off should help with the shelf life of a cartridge as compared to storing it sideways.
  • Try not to keep weed storage in the refrigerator as the humidity will increase moisture levels and cause bacteria and mold to build up. 

What you should avoid during the storage of your cannabis?

More tips for keeping weed fresh

Are you looking for more ways to keep cannabis storage? There are so many useful tips available that can help preserve and lengthen the shelf life of your weed stash. Knowing how to store weed will contribute greatly to its quality and potency, especially when stored for long periods of time. While every weed smoker has their own preference when it comes to the type of weed used and the way it is stored, there are some ways to help specifically with elongating shelf life for the best storage quality possible. 

Whether you smoke very often or not quite frequently, it is important to know how to store weed regardless because of its ability to attract mold and bacteria over time. If you are a habitual smoker and consume weed daily, chances are you are buying in bulk and will need to know how to keep cannabis storage properly for the sake of the money you just shoveled out to buy weed in bulk. If you tend to smoke from time to time and just want to keep a small stash on you at all times, it is also essential to know how to keep weed for longer periods of time if you have no intention on using it all anytime soon. If you do not know how to store weed properly, the taste, flavor, and feel of it can change in the matter of a few days or a week. Weed can and does go stale, so to avoid wasting large amounts of legal dry herb it is best to make sure you are keeping cannabis storage that is an ideal environment for your buds. 

If you care at all about the quality of your weed stash, like the flavor and potency, then loading up on proper cannabis storage containers is your best option to best preserve your weed stash. When it comes to cannabis flower, it should be consumed within six to eight months from harvest as cannabis typically degrades easily. Especially when cannabis is not stored properly, it will go to waste within a matter of weeks. For dry flower pre-rolls, three months is the typical shelf life so consider this before buying pre-roll joints in bulk. 

Final thoughts to keep weed fresh

Amongst the many reasons for needing to keep weed fresh, knowing how to store weed properly will help keep its quality, potency, flavor, and all the good stuff. No one wants to get high with stale buds, and if you just leave your weed out for the air and humidity to take over - you will lose your weed stash fast. Purchasing smell-proof weed containers and dab containers are an excellent investment to keep on hand, even if you do not necessarily need all of the storage it is best to have in case to avoid your weed going bad. Smoking stale weed is not a fun experience and we do not wish that upon anyone! Save yourself the trouble and buy weed storage containers to keep weed fresh and flavorful. 

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