How To Use A Nectar Collector: Full Guide

Do you remember the first time you used a nectar collector, or have you been interested in using one and wanting to understand the whole experience? Nectar collectors are a dab enthusiast’s best friend and have become an extremely useful tool to have on hand whenever you are working with wax concentrates. Invented by Kristian Merwin just a little over a decade ago, nectar collectors have quickly become a staple dabbing accessory in the cannabis community. Kristian Merwin is a glass artist that decided to solve a problem dab enthusiasts had in order to get the most out of their wax. Nectar collectors are straw-looking tubes and are pretty much designed to be used like a straw too. Here is all you need to know about how to use a nectar collector and why using a nectar collector can benefit your world of dabbing significantly. 

What is a nectar collector?

A nectar collector is a portable dab rig device that is used to vaporize wax concentrates. Similar to using a straw, knowing how to use a nectar collector allows stoners to really maximize their wax material to the fullest. Using a nectar collector can be a different experience at first, but rest assured it is an incredible invention that all dab enthusiasts will appreciate as it will completely transform your dab hits - especially when you are down to your last small amount of wax. 

What are the benefits of using a nectar collector?

When learning how to first use a nectar collector, there are many benefits to a nectar collector how to use it and how to store nectar collectors as well. There are many benefits like providing you with a seamless dabbing experience, making it very easy to use and understand its functions. The benefits of knowing how to use a nectar collector include its convenient portability and seamless use, and also helps to prevent waste. What more could you want out of a dab device? 

What are the drawbacks of using a nectar collector?

Some users mention a few drawbacks when testing a nectar collector and how to use it properly, as the attachments are typically not secure and can come apart without the correct technique. Sometimes, when learning how to use a nectar collector users will find out that there is no function to set a specific temperature for nectar collectors and the first few tries will be by trial and error. Without temperature control, it can be a bit more difficult to manage how you would normally dab where you can control the temperature presets. Dab enthusiasts typically have a certain style that works for them, which includes their preferred temperature settings.

What are the benefits of using a nectar collector?

How to use a nectar collector

While we can talk all day about how cool and convenient nectar collectors are, it is more important for anyone interested to learn how to use a nectar collector properly. Using a nectar collector is really not a hard task, but when first using a foreign device it can take some trial and error before getitng used to a nectar collector how to use. Once you get the process down on knowing how to use a nectar collector, there will not be much else in your way from falling in love with your nectar collector dab rig after you see how seamless and quite easy it is to use.

Using a nectar collector instructions

A nectar collector is very similar to any other dab device, but the main difference is that a nectar collector allows the user to place its heated tip into the concentrated wax, versus when using a traditional dab rig it involves a quartz banger nail where the concentrate is placed to be heated to turn into vapor. A nectar collector how to use is pretty straight forward, but we understand that when using new devices it can be daunting and uncomfortable. We are always here to help and put you on to new things, and this is definitely the wagon to jump on if you are a dab enthusiast and would like to expand your dabbing world,  or if you are a newbie and would like to try this easy-to-use device. One thing to make sure of is to always have your materials nearby and prepared since this process is pretty quick and your supplies need to be close and easily accessible. 

1. Heat the nectar collector dab rig

Using a heated torch, you will heat up your nectar collector tip that is made of titanium. This will heat up the tip and users should wait about 15-30 seconds for the tip to cool a bit before using it. As stated previously, using a nectar collector will be a trail and error process at first because of heat preferences that are purely dependent on the user. Some dab enthuasists especially love to dab at lower temperatures, whereas other dab users prefer to take dab hits at higher temperatures. Depending on where you fall on the temperature spectrum will determine how long you will wait before taking the next step in using a nectar collector.

2. Take the dab hit with your nectar collector

The proper way to handling any nectar collector when preparing yourself for a dab hit, is to place your mouth over the straw and inhale simultaneously while dipping the heated tip end into the concentrates. It is also extremely important that you always have the wax concentrate in a silicone or glass jar as they work well with heat and will not affect your nectar collector experience. Silicone dab containers are especially helpful becuase they are heat-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Glass dab containers are ideal as well, but silicone dab containers are usually a lot cheaper and will last so much longer than a glass dab container, especially when dipping the heated nectar collector tip into the dab container over and over. 

While starting to inhale, you will place the heated torch tip directly into the dab container. And feel free to move it around like you are using a straw to suck up the last remnants of a drink. When you feel like you have enough for a hit, pull away from the dab container and fully inhale, which will allow all of the concentrate turned into vapor to be inhaled for a proper dab hit. 

Do nectar collectors waste wax?

Actually the opposite, and nectar collector dab rigs are popular for this very reason. With an average dab rig setup, wax concentrate can be somewhat wasted with each use because it is very easy for concentrate to get into the small nooks and crannies of a dab device that uses banger nails and a larger setup. A lot of times, wax will often become lodged or stuck inside of the dab container as well, but when you know how to use a nectar collector it will actually help you in using every last bit of concentrate that typically gets stuck into the sides of a container.

What concentrates can you use with a nectar collector?

Using a nectar collector, you obviously want to make sure you have the right materials so you can have the best user experience possible. Nectar collectors use any kind of cannabis wax that turns into concentrate when heat is applied. A nectar collector is especially useful when working with the last bit of concentrate wax in a stash, as it is a much better device for taking dab hits with small amounts of wax since it will not waste any of it. 

How to clean a nectar collector

How to clean a nectar collector

You do not need too much to clean out a nectar collector and get it in tip top shape! Cleaning a nectar collector is a lot easier than you might think, and definitely a lot easier than cleaning out a typical dab rig that has small spaces that are hard to reach. Since a nectar collector is a straight straw-like tube, the process is a lot more seamless. You will need the following:

  • Zip loc bag
  • Tall container or glass (that will fit the nectar collector)
  • Hot water
  • Isopropyl alcohol or other cleaning solution

You will first remove the nectar collector’s tip and then blow directly into the mouthpiece. This will help to remove any excess water or additional material that is loose inside of the nectar collector and can easily be removed. Place the nectar collector into the tall container or glass jar filled with hot water and allow for it to sit for at least one hour.

Next, take the tip of the nectar collector and put it into a zip lock bag filled with the isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution of choice. The tip will soak in the bag for about an hour as well, and after this time passes you can use hot water to rinse off both the tip and nectar collector body. Sure enough, your nectar collector will look brand spanking new and perform like it too!

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