How To Pack A Bowl Perfectly

One of the most popular ways to consume marijuana is through a pipe or bong, and you would not be able to participate in cannabis culture fully if you did not know how to pack a bowl properly. While there are many methods when it comes to using cannabis, we are here to get down to the science of it all and show you how to best utilize your favorite strain of weed. If you are a newbie and stumbled across this corner of the internet looking for answers, we got your back, and welcome to the good side. For experienced stoners, you might learn something new if you keep on reading, and don’t forget to stock up on the best bong bowls and weed pipes for yourself and your circle of friends.

What is a bowl?

There are many kinds of bowls, like the type of bowl you would use to eat cereal in the morning, or a sound bowl that is used for meditation purposes. In the cannabis world, a bowl is referring to the part of a pipe or bong where your favorite strain of marijuana is ground up and then placed or packed into it. Marijuana pipes or bong bowls can range in size and design, and just because a certain bong comes with a bowl included, it does not mean that is the only one you can use! Once you learn all of the joint sizes and your water bongs you will be able to fully customize and purchase bowls that are suitable for you during any occasion.

What do you need to pack a bowl?

In order to pack a bowl properly, you will need a few supplies that you should always have on hand anyway if you want to partake in any smoking activities. Here is a simple checklist of items you need to pack a bowl:

  • A smoking device that has a bowl, like a water bong or dry herb pipe
  • Favorite strain of marijuana
  • A grinder to finely shred your choice of marijuana strain
  • Something to light the bowl, like a lighter, hemp wick, a match if you must

While these are supplies that every stoner should be familiar with, it all comes down to preference and this also determines the quality of your smoke sesh. If you are on a budget there are many grinders that you can grab from our online shop that are more than affordable, and if you are looking for cost-effective along with high-quality, using a hemp wick is the best method for lighting a bong bowl or pipe. Using lighters can create more waste the more you run through them over time, and the same goes for matches. When using a hemp wick, on the other hand, it gives users more control over what part of the bowl they want to light and they can light as little or as much as they want. 

How to pack a bowl? 

It is pretty simple and straightforward to learn how to pack a bowl, but you will want to make sure that you take the necessary steps in making sure you pack the best bowl possible. There are a few factors to consider when learning to pack a bowl correctly, and the most important is making sure your marijuana is finely shredded so that it can be packed evenly for a smooth hit. 

1. Grind your weed

If you pack a bowl with little nugs there will be air pockets that will not only have you burning your weed faster but you will not be able to smoke a bowl to its full effects this way. Sure, when you are in a pinch and need to use some scissors, a knife, or even your hands, you will want to make sure that your marijuana is broken up into small pieces and as little as you can possibly do manually. At the end of the day, investing in a grinder that finely shreds your weed will go a long way in terms of a quality and satisfactory smoke session.

2. Pack a bowl

After you have some finely shredded marijuana, use your fingers to pinch some marijuana into the palm of your hand. You will want to make a little mound in the middle of your hand, as this will easily fill the bowl you are about to transfer it into. Either remove the bowl from your bong or take your dry herb pipe with your free hand and flip it over so that the bowl is covering the mound of marijuana in the opposite palm hand. If you have your pipe or bowl in your right hand, it should be on top of your left hand that is holding the mound of marijuana. Just like flipping a bundt cake, flip your hands over while still together and cupping one another, so that your right hand with the bowl or pipe is now on the bottom and your left hand with the marijuana mound is on top and inserted into the bowl. Pack it down with your palm and voila, you have an evenly packed bowl without any spill! 

You can also just pinch some weed and pack a bowl this way, but most find it messy and there will always be spills so once you get down the technique discussed above it is a full-proof way to pack a bowl quickly and efficiently. 

3. Light the bowl

Now that you know how to pack a bowl, it is time to reward yourself by clearing the green for a nice and smooth hit. Use one hand to hold the bong bowl or pipe, and the other hand to use a lighter or hemp wick. Inhale and light up the edge of the bowl simultaneously, so that you can get a good hit without overly burning your marijuana right from the jump. When you have enough smoke for your liking filled into the chamber, remove the bowl or remove your finger from the carb hole while inhaling the smoke to complete your hit. 

How to pack a bowl?

How to know if you packed a bowl correctly?

It is pretty obvious to know if you can pack a bowl correctly, but in case you need reassurance just make sure that your bowl is evenly packed with finely shredded marjiuana throughout. If you have one part of the bowl that is packed more than the other, you will want to even it out. You do not want to pack a bowl super tightly because it might be more difficult for you to take a smoother hit, but you also do not want to have a bunch of air holes which is caused by bigger nugs of weed that should be shredded more finely. 

You do not need to pack the bowl all the way to the top either, just make sure that it is even and not lopsided. Again, it really comes down to how well your marijuana strain is shredded, so making sure this is always done will pretty much guarantee that you will have packed a bowl correctly every time.

How tight should you pack the bowl?

You want to make sure you pack a bowl evenly so that there are no air holes or pockets that will cause unnecessary and excessive burning, which can also lead to bigger nugs of weed falling through into the chamber and causing debris in your bong water or inhaling through a dry herb pipe.

While you do want to pack a bowl semi-tightly, it is important to note that knowing how to pack a bowl evenly does not mean the same as knowing how to pack a bowl tightly. Packing a bowl evenly refers to the finely shredded weed that contributes to easily packing a bowl, versus tightly packing a bowl to the point that you will have to burn more just to break through the extra depth that tightly packed weed creates. This can be a trial and error experience as everyone is different and should test out what works best for them. For the most part, as long as you are shredding your marijuana evenly and finely grounded, there is a solid chance that you will pack a bowl nicely, neatly, and evenly so that you get smooth hits every single time. 

Does every strain fit a bowl?

Of course, every strain fits a bowl! You want to know how to pack a bowl because regardless of the strain, as long as you are finely shredding it with your handy grinder, there is no strain that is off limits besides the ones you do not want to smoke by choice. Every strain is recommended when learning how to pack a bowl, and when you get really good at knowing your strains you will understand whether you like sticky strains, drier strains, and so on. Knowing how to pack a bowl is one thing, and knowing which strains are your preference so that you can pack a bowl of your perfect strain is another thing in itself. 

Do you pack a bowl the same way with CBD as THC?

As long as you have CBD flowers that you can shred finely and evenly, it will be the same process as learning how to pack a bowl with THC strains. When you pack a bowl, you are still grinding your materials to ensure an evenly packed bowl so as long as you remember this you should never have a problem in knowing how to pack a bowl of CBD versus knowing how to pack a bowl with THC. 

How to pack a bowl for two?

Just like packing a bowl for one, you want to make sure you are setting you and the second person up for success with a smooth and even hit. Knowing how to pack a bowl for two just means that you will want to have double the amount of weed grinded up and shredded so it is always ready to go. You and the second person can either take turns doing your own bowls, or you can take turns and switch off with every hit. Some people like to have full bowls to themselves because there is a difference between the first hits, middle hits, and last hits, while others like to take one puff and pass it around to practice proper stoner etiquette. It really depends on the vibe the two are on, so discuss that prior to lighting up so that it is very clear how many hits should happen before passing it around.

How to smoke a bowl?

Whether you are using a bong or a dry herb pipe, smoking a bowl is pretty easy once you get the process down with some practice hits. If you have never taken a bong rip before, it is suggested that you start off with a dry herb pipe and graduate your way up once you are comfortable. If you are using a bong and have your bong bowl packed and ready, you will want to make sure that you have the right amount of water in your bong before taking a hit so that you can make sure you have a smooth experience. Using your lighter or hemp wick in one hand, take the other hand and place it around the bowl of the bong or by holding the bowl of the dry herb pipe and covering the carb with your finger. While inhaling, light up one part of the bowl and watch smoke fill up the chamber or within the neck of the dry herb pipe. When there is enough smoke and you are ready to take the hit, remove your finger from the carb and fully inhale, or remove the bowl of the bong while simultaneously inhaling so the smoke travels upwards towards your mouth.

Bong bowls and dry herb pipes

Now that you are one step away from being an expert at knowing how to pack a bowl, the only step that is left is to practice! You will be quickly rewarded with a nice high, and make sure to treat yourself with bong bowls and dry herb pipes from our online shop to upgrade your smoke experience. We want you to join our community of customers that trust us and our business, learn more about Puff Puff Pass It to see why we are #1 in a stoner’s heart.