Is the Most Expensive Weed Worth It?

You’re at the dispensary trying to pick out something special for the weekend and you notice a top-shelf strain going for $100 an eighth. This is the most expensive weed strain in the store and around five times more expensive than your usual stuff. What makes this particular marijuana strain better than the others and is it worth it? The huge range of prices and sheer variety of brands and strains can be confusing for any cannabis connoisseur. No one wants to over pay for mediocre bud. Luckily for you, we’re going to explain exactly what makes the most expensive weed so expensive, list 4 of the most expensive weed strains with cheaper alternatives, and suggest which ones are actually worth the hype.

How much does weed cost in the U.S. on average?

This is a tough question to answer since the price of weed varies widely from state to state and depends on the strain, brand, and dispensary. Yes, MedMen and other luxury dispensaries may be an awesome experience, but you’re going to pay top dollar compared to your local dig. Recreational consumers will shell out the most in Alaska, where an eighth goes for $45 on average. The same baggie in California is around $41, while Massachusetts and Washington are the cheapest places to purchase weed in the U.S., where an eighth will set you back roughly $35. This is just the average and of course there’s going to be much more expensive top-shelf flower and many cheaper options as well.

What makes certain cannabis strains more expensive than others?

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary and looked at the menu, you know that there’s a huge range in price. Certain brands are more expensive than others despite selling the same strain and the cheaper options typically have a lower potency level. When comparing a top shelf strain to a cheap strain, there’s a clear difference in flavor, effects, and potency. While most people think just about the genetics and quality of the seeds, that’s not the only thing that affects the retail price of dry herb. Some other important factors that make some flower more expensive than others include:

  • Strain genetics - The main reason certain strains are more expensive than others is the quality of the genetics. High quality genetics means high quality flower. While some amazing strains were created by accident, the most expensive weed strains go through extensive breeding programs with top cultivators, the best equipment, and begin with world-renowned genetics. This quickly becomes a costly endeavor, but most 420 enthusiasts can attest that it’s worth the pay off.
  • Grow setup and environment - Just like home grows, there are limitless ways to set up a commercial grow. There are major price differences based on a number of factors including the type of setup and how high-tech it is like automation and monitoring, the type of nutrients, soil, and materials used, and whether it’s an outdoor or indoor operation.
  • Testing and inspections - To meet regulatory requirements, all legal cannabis products sold in the U.S. must be tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure there are no contaminants and that proper labeling is followed. The cost depends on the lab used and the quantity tested since the different strains of each harvest needs to be tested individually. Required tests include heavy metals, microbial impurities, cannabinoid and terpene levels, mycotoxins, pesticides, moisture level, residual solvents, and foreign material.
  • Packaging - Have you ever noticed when at the dispensary that the most expensive weed strains are packaged in beautiful glass jars and boxes, while the cheap stuff is in a sealable bag or pouch? Fancy packaging may be eye-catching and beautiful, but it adds to the cost.
  • Location - Cannabis taxes are set locally by state and/or county, so these vary dramatically. Washington for example has a whopping 35% recreational cannabis tax, while Michigan charges 10% on cannabis sales. The specific location of the business and its grow operation also affects costs such as labor, sales tax, and rent as these differ drastically from place to place.

Does the most expensive weed mean it has the best quality?

Like many luxury products, the price tag doesn’t always match the quality. Of course any of the most expensive weed strains are bred with superior genetics and will still be better in all aspects compared to the cheapest flower. When it comes to marijuana, this is very subjective since each person has their own personal preferences. One person may think that the highest potency and great flavor means it’s the best flower, while others may focus on effects or the terpene profile. Do your research and ask a budtender questions based on your preferences before handing over the cash for the most expensive weed at the dispensary.

What is the most expensive weed in the world?

Within the cannabis community, it’s believed that the most expensive weed in the world is Cannabis Caviar, sometimes referred to as Caviar Moon Rocks, Marijuana Caviar, or Caviar Gold. Just like actual caviar, Cannabis Caviar comes at a high price tag; $1,400 per ounce ($175 an eighth) to be exact. As the most expensive weed in the world, this cannabis strain boasts up to 90% THC thanks to being dipped in hash oil and given a generous dusting of kief to top it off. Like most legendary strains, no one is quite sure where it originated, but the process is started off with OG Caviar nugs, which is where it got its name.

4 most expensive weed strains and cheaper alternatives

4 most expensive weed strains and cheaper alternatives

White Fire OG

Also called Wifi OG, WiFi, White Fire, and WiFi Kush, this indica-dominant hybrid strain was originally bred by cultivators at OG Raskal Genetics and is celebrated for its high potency and strong cerebral effects. With world-class parents, Fire OG and The White, it’s no question that their offspring, White Fire OG, makes the most expensive weed list. This hybrid marijuana strain goes for approximately $600 an ounce with a potency of between 24% and 28% THC. This strain is best for creative activities and social events like parties, holidays with the family, or concerts.

Cheaper alternatives: Not ready to drop $75 for an eighth on the regular? We don’t blame you. Two great alternatives that won’t break the bank are Berry White and Pineapple Express. Both are easy to find and produce similar effects that are great for creative types and social settings.

Isla OG

Any marijuana strain with “OG” in its name sets a certain standard and Isla OG remains a favorite amongst those who’ve been blessed enough to try it. When ready to harvest, the trimmed nugs are placed directly into aluminum cans for curing and sold in those same cans for unparalleled flavor and freshness. Each can has an eight and is $100, making an ounce of Island OG, $800 a pop. It’s believed that cultivators at Top Shelf THC bred Isla OG by crossing Hawaiian and OG Kush. You may have seen this luxury cultivar on GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit YouTube video where 2 Chainz and Dr. Dina (the actual Nancy Botwin from the Weeds series) tried Isla OG rolled in a 24-karat edible gold paper. Not a bad combination if we say so ourselves. Is it a great, top-shelf pick? Yes. Is it worth the price tag? Maybe just on special occasions. This most expensive weed tests at roughly 25% THC.

Cheaper alternative: For most, Isla OG is simply just out of budget for regular smokers. Instead, reach for its parent plant, the classic OG Kush, to experience similar effects.

Loud Dream

The next most expensive weed strain is Loud Dream, bred by Loud Seeds who backcrossed Blue Dream F1 with Blue Dream F1. Yes, they crossed the same strain with itself! Loud dream tests at between 14% to 16% THC, but don’t let that dissuade you, it’s the only strain on this list that we actually recommend saving up for. The cultivar is known for its sweet flavor and large, indica looking buds despite being a sativa dominant hybrid. This California marijuana strain also goes for $800 an ounce and is known to produce hard hitting euphoric, energetic effects that will have you giggling for hours or working at peak performance until the job is done. Loud Dream is still a sought after strain despite its high price tag because of its spectacular effects that are also perfect for any wake and bake session.

Cheaper alternative: Honestly, this is one cannabis strain that deserves being on the list of most expensive weed. You can try Blue Dream F1, which goes for about $560 for an ounce, but we recommend trying this strain at least once if you enjoy energetic and euphoric effects.


All lists of the most expensive weed have Oracle listed. Whether you believe that it lives up to the hype or that it’s a total scam is up for debate. Like the Isla OG canned cannabis and Loud Dream, Oracle also goes for $800 an ounce. When it was speculated that Oracle had a crazy 45% THC level, a Los Angeles lab called The Werc Shop decided to set the record straight. Their tests proved that Oracle had the exact same genetic makeup as the world-famous AC/DC high-CBD strain and contained a 20:1 CBD to THC profile. This energetic balanced hybrid strain is still a great buy for CBD lovers not looking to get blazed, but definitely not worth the luxury price tag.

Cheaper alternative: Those who want a high CBD alternative should try the actual AC/DC strain or Charlotte’s Web. A great 1:1 strain that will provide the benefits of both CBD and THC is Stephen Hawking Kush.

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