How to Roll Blunt Like a Pro

From portable dab rigs and vaporizers to a classic bong or glass pipe, there are numerous ways to enjoy weed. But when it comes to rolling cannabis, there are diehard fans that swear by only smoking joints or those that only roll up blunts and there’s no way to change their mind (so don’t even try). For many, the perfect blunts are only rolled by seasoned tokers with years of practice behind them. Just because it takes some patience and skill doesn’t mean newbies should be afraid of giving it a try for themselves. We’ve put together this guide that discusses everything you need to know about blunts including what it is, the materials needed to roll, step-by-step instructions for rolling a blunt, and even a crazy blunt to try once you’ve accomplished rolling a normal one. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a blunt wrap and get practicing!

What is a blunt?

What is a blunt?

When it comes to rolling, there are typically three categories the finished product will fall into, these are a blunt, a spliff, or a joint. A joint is ground cannabis flower rolled with rolling papers. It doesn’t contain tobacco and is 100% cannabis. When purchased ready to smoke at a dispensary, they are called pre-rolls and are sometimes coated with kief for an extra kick of potency referred to as an infused pre-roll. If a joint is made with legal dry herb mixed with tobacco, it’s a spliff. Instead of using rolling paper, blunts are prepared with a cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap made from tobacco and typically contain only dry herb on the inside, however some people add some tobacco as well. Blunts aren’t a very popular choice outside of the U.S. and it will be a rare occurrence if you see someone smoking one in Europe for example. All in all, joints do not contain any tobacco, while blunts and spliffs do, however today there are several brands of blunt wraps that use alternative materials instead of tobacco such as palm and mint leaves, which replicates a blunt for those that don’t want to consume tobacco products.

Why smoke a blunt?

There are several reasons 420 enthusiasts choose rolling a blunt over a joint or spliff. One of the most obvious is the difference in flavor. A true blunt made by cutting open a cigar will have the strong taste and heavy smoke that comes along with smoking dried tobacco leaves. Cigarillos and blunt wraps on the other hand doesn’t have as powerful a punch of cigar and are available in a wide range of flavors like mango, bubblegum, watermelon, coconut, mixed berry, Russian cream, mint, natural hemp, and the stoner favorite, grape. With so many flavors to try, it’s a fun way to enhance a smoke session and never get bored. Pot smokers who also consume tobacco products are more likely to enjoy the energetic buzz that comes with the combination of smoking materials. Blunts are also larger and burn slower than the average joint or spliff rolled with 1 ¼ or king size rolling papers making them perfect for sharing. Pot lovers roll blunts when they want to have an extended smoke session or are passing it around a large group. Rolling a blunt makes sense if you:

  • Want to switch things up with different flavors
  • Prefer to have a portable option that can be smoked on the go
  • Enjoy the tobacco flavor and smoke of a cigar or cigarillo
  • Are smoking with a group and don’t want to have to roll multiple spliffs or joints
  • Want to extend a smoke session
  • Already use tobacco and weed products and want to try something new

What’s stronger, a blunt or a joint?

Obviously, the quality and potency of the cannabis flower makes the biggest difference in the strength of its effects whether or not the smoker is using a joint or a blunt. If using the same dry herb to roll up a blunt and a joint, pot enthusiasts may still have a different experience due to the effects of the tobacco in the blunt. This will all depend on if the person is a tobacco user or not. Another reason blunts may seem to be stronger than a joint is because it holds a lot more material and burns slower. It takes 1 to 2 grams of flower to roll blunt vs just about a third of a gram for an average joint. This is significantly larger, so blunt hits may be unintentionally bigger and the entire smoking session will last a lot longer. A flavored blunt wrap may also disguise the potency, making it smoother and easier to hit, which can lead to consuming more than intended.

Step-by-Step: How to roll blunt

Step-by-Step: How to roll blunt

Cannabis connoisseurs choose to roll up blunts not just because they prefer the flavor, slow burn, and larger size, it’s also an ultra convenient way to smoke while on the go. Many smokers consider rolling an artform and we don’t disagree. There’s something special about being the go to joint or blunt roller of the group and lighting up a perfectly rolled blunt that smokes like a dream. With that being said, it does take some patience, practice, and lots of broken and ugly blunts to get it just right. You may be amazing at making pinners or cones with rolling paper, but rolling a blunt is an entirely new beast. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time.

What you need to roll a blunt

Blunts are meant to be an easy way to add some cannabis to a cigar, so it doesn’t take much to roll blunts. There are a few different ways to do this. The classic blunt is made by cutting open a cigar, but cigarillos are popular as well since they’re smaller and can be purchased at most gas stations and convenience stores. Blunt wraps are very popular as well and there are even self wrapping blunt wraps! The materials needed to roll blunts are pretty basic. We recommend using a pocket knife, scissors, or a razor blade if you have one, but you can always just crack the blunt apart with your fingers when out on the town. Just watch out that it doesn’t break! These are the basic equipment you’ll need for rolling blunts:

  • Blunt wrap, cigar, or cigarillo
  • Cannabis flower of choice
  • Herb grinder
  • If using a cigar or cigarillo: pocket knife, scissors, razor blade
  • Lighter
  • Optional: glass tip or crutch, rolling tray, doob tube (for transporting it safely)

How much weed should you put in a blunt?

Now that you have all the materials needed to roll blunts, the big question is how much weed should you use. Cigars, cigarillos, and blunt wraps hold a lot more material than a rolling paper. This is one of the best aspects about blunts since they last so much longer, but that means you’ll also need a lot more dry herb on hand to fill it. Depending on the size of the blunt wrap or cigar that’s being used, you’ll need at least 1 gram to fill it, though some blunts will require 2 grams. Follow this short guide to know exactly what you can make with the amount of dry herb you have:

  • Blunt - 1 to 2 grams (large cigars may need even more)
  • Joint - ⅓ to ½ gram depending on paper size
  • Spliff - This depends on the smoker’s preference but is usually around a ratio of 25:75 or 50:50 tobacco to weed.

How to roll blunt

  1. Grind the dry herb - Using an herb grinder, break down roughly 1 to 2 grams of cannabis flower depending on the size of your blunt wrap or cigar. You should aim for an even grind with consistent sized pieces for the smoothest burn. This goes for joints, pipes, and bongs too. Set the ground flower aside.
  2. Break down cigar or cigarillo - This step is if you’re rolling a blunt with a cigar or cigarillo. If using a blunt wrap, skip this step and move to step number 3. Working over a rolling tray to keep the mess contained, prepare the cigar by carefully cutting it open lengthwise using a knife, scissors, or razor blade. This can also be done on the fly without a knife by slowly cracking it down the middle with your thumbs. This is where most newbies fail. If the outside of the cigarillo is very dry and is breaking easily, wet it enough so it keeps its shape when opening it. Empty out the contents of the cigar and discard.
  3. Wet and fill blunt - Now the cigar is ready to be filled with legal dry herb. A blunt wrap is already empty and ready to go. Wet the wrapper by either wetting your fingers and running it along the blunt wrap or by licking it. Be sure not to get it too wet. The blunt wrap should be moist and pliable so it’s easier to roll without cracking, but not soaking wet. Work over a rolling tray if you have one so all fallen herb is collected and doesn’t end up in the cracks of the couch. Using one hand to hold the wrapper open, pinch up the ground flower and drop it into the open wrap. Don’t overfill the blunt. If you add too much material, the outside wrapper won’t be able to close properly and might come apart while smoking. There needs to be a little bit of an overlap so the two sides of the blunt wrap can stick to each other. Too much overlap and the wrap will be too thick in some parts and not burn evenly.
  4. Roll blunt - With the blunt lengthwise in front of you, use two hands to roll the blunt back and forth between your fingers. This helps tamp down the flower into the proper shape and form the blunt. It’s the same motion used when rolling a joint. When rolling a blunt, be sure that it’s the same thickness all the way through. Once the shape is even and looks good, pinch one end of the blunt wrap and roll the other over the top to close up the blunt. The two parts of the blunt wrap should be completely over each other and tight with no gaps, loose areas, or exposed dry herb.
  5. Close up the blunt - To seal up the blunt and make sure it doesn’t open up when smoking, give the overlapped portion a few licks. It needs to be much more moist than when licking a rolling paper. When it’s wet, push it down firmly so the two sides of the blunt wrap adhere to one another. Check to see that it’s a good seal and that no areas were missed. Finish up the blunt by passing the flame of a lighter back and forth over the moist area to dry up and secure the seam. Ever try to light a wet joint? This last touch of flame will ensure the added moisture won’t affect how the blunt burns and that there’s no chance of opening up and making a mess.

Tips & tricks on rolling a blunt

Tips & tricks on rolling a blunt

Just like learning to roll a joint, rolling a blunt will take some trial and error. This has just as much to do with properly handling the wrap and keeping it moist as it does with actually rolling. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to roll a blunt perfectly on the first try. It’s not rocket science, but does take some patience and repetition to get the hang of it. Start learning with blunt wraps before trying your hand at cutting and removing the inside of a cigar. Blunt wraps are ready to roll right out of the package and are usually not as dry and brittle as cigars, making them easier to handle and great for learning. These are just a few pro tips for rolling a blunt that can help you if you’re having issues:

  • Accidentally break, tear, or make a hole when rolling a blunt? You do not need to start all over again. Pull out a rolling paper and use the gummy adhesive to easily repair any cracks.
  • While most people don’t roll blunts with a tip since the blunt wrap is already pretty sturdy, using one has a bunch of advantages. It gives you space so you don’t burn your fingers, adds extra support to the end of the blunt, won’t let small pieces accidentally get inhaled, keeps the airpath open, and ensures you can smoke all the way up until the very end to not waste a single bit of bud. It also fills up space if you’re a little shy on flower.
  • If the cigar or blunt wrap is extra dry, wrap it around a beer or soda can that has some condensation. It will quickly add moisture and can be kept there while you grind up your herb.
  • One final tip is to always work over a rolling tray. Rolling trays keep your workspace clean and will capture anything that falls. That means less wasted flower!

Crazy Blunts to Try

You’ve heard of the cross joint from the stoner classic movie, Pineapple Express, but did you know you can do it in blunt form? Yes, the cross blunt is real and it’s just as crazy to make as it is to smoke. Plus everybody will be worshiping you when you roll up this bad boy at your next group smoke sesh. To make a cross blunt, you’ll need to roll two separate blunts, one that’s larger, and one smaller one that will create the horizontal cross. In addition to the normal materials, you’ll also need some sort of poking tool like a paper clip. Start by rolling both blunts as normal. Using a knife or razor blade, make a small hole on the large blunt roughly a third of the way to the end. Use a poker tool to delicately widen the hole so it fits the smaller blunt. Now make a much smaller hole using the poker tool in the center of the small blunt. The hole needs to be just big enough for air to flow through. Simmy the smaller blunt into the hole in the large blunt and be sure the holes line up. Once in position, use a small piece of moistened blunt wrap to seal up the joint so there’s better airflow. Ask a buddy to help you light all three ends at once and enjoy!

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