Easiest Way To Learn How To Make A Sploof

Pretty much anyone that has ever smoked some legal dry herb has been in a position where they must get high discreetly and, most importantly, disguise the pungent smell. Whether it’s your nosey neighbor or frequently roaming landlord that always seems to drop by, knowing how to make a sploof and in a pinch is essential. A homemade sploof is a nifty device that effectively filters smoke without needing any expensive materials to get the job done. If you are someone who needs their smoke sessions to be low-key and smell-free, the best homemade smokebuddy is a sploof you can always rely on. A homemade sploof is pretty easy to make and once you make a few you will understand at what point you will need to change the filter for a fresh and odor-free environment. Learn how to make a sploof from household supplies you already have laying around the house so you can transition directly into the smoke session once you’re done reading and creating your own homemade smokebuddy. Don’t forget to grab any other essential cleaning solutions for smoke accessories so your collection is clean and smell-free as well, that will be the key to keeping your area smoke-free. Let’s begin!

What is a sploof?

What is a sploof?

A sploof is what is known as a device that filters the pervasive odor that most smokers won’t notice, but nonetheless it is there. Smoking legal dry herb is a beautiful pastime, however the participants of the smoke session will typically be unaware of how loud the smell actually is. A homemade sploof is a device that helps to trap terpenes, aka the reason for the scent and flavor profile of each strain. The same compound that gets someone high is also the reason for the strong and powerful smell that accompanies that high. While there are some commercial products on the market that are sploof devices to trap and filter smoke odor, there is nothing like a classic sploof DIY to really roll up and smoke a joint like an OG. 

A sploof is usually made with the following:

  • Cardboard tube (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll cut into pieces)
  • Or a plastic water bottle and scissors to cut open
  • Several dryer sheets (four to five are fine)
  • Elastic tie or tape

All of the above materials can be found in the majority of households on any given day, so whenever you are finished with toilet paper or paper towels, think of any future smoke sessions and save those rolls! Another alternative is a plastic water bottle, but most smokers tend to use paper rolls because a homemade sploof can be made in under a minute with them. Whether someone lives in an apartment with neighbors just a wall away, is smoking in secret when their partner isn’t home, or lives at home with their parents and for obvious reasons needs a cover up - sploofs will be the best choice in tackling the stifling smell of legal dry herb before it gets out of hand.

Why use a sploof?

There are many ways to disguise the smell that comes with smoking. Especially if the smoking is being done indoors with limited ventilation, it is vital that something is done to help with odor control. Most of us have run a hot shower with a towel underneath the door, but to take things even further it is best to control the smoke as it leaves the mouth and enters the air. When trying to disguise a smoke smell, sometimes it can be easy to go overboard with spraying too many perfumes and scents that will just add to the smell and become overwhelming. A sploof is made with materials that will naturally mask the odors that are blown into it, thus trapping the less than desirable terpene scent and filters with a clean and airy dryer sheet.

Do sploofs work and are they efficient?

A sploof is an easy and efficient way to handle the smell before it can linger in the air and interact with the environment. While a sploof might not mask the smoke smell entirely, it will severely help with odor control and make it easier to air out the smoke room later on. Sploofs are extremely efficient in the sense that they help address the problem before it becomes one, or at least helps in conjunction with other efforts like using commercial odor control spray products post-smoke sesh. 

How do you smoke a sploof?

While you don’t actually smoke a sploof, smoking with a sploof is extremely easy and pretty straightforward. Smoking with a sploof will become like second nature, as long as you realize the sploof is there and remember to use it every time you exhale! There will be one end where your mouth will touch, blowing into the sploof device and the other end of the cylindrical paper tube will have the dryer sheets attached to receive the smoke that you are exhaling. Instantly, users will be able to smell a difference with the mixed smell of dryer sheets to help with the powerful scent of legal dry herb. 

How to make a DIY sploof (step-by-step instruction)

You can get pretty creative with a sploof DIY if you want, but the simple and seamless device only requires a few materials. With the presence of dryer sheets to introduce that fresh and clean scent throughout the house, knowing how to make a sploof will be a savior when you are expecting company over at the last minute but do not want to pass on lighting up with a joint in the shower beforehand. Whatever the reason, know that using a homemade smokebuddy like a sploof will be an effortless way to keep your space odorless and smoke-free - or at least make it seem that way. 

1. Gather sploof DIY materials

The following materials can be used to make a sploof DIY, and feel free to get creative with any other materials or scent enhancing house products you can think of. If you just want an effective and low-maintenance device to mask any smoke smell, round up the following:

  • Paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  • Dryer sheets
  • Elastic tie or tape

2. Stuff dryer sheets into toilet paper roll or paper towel roll

Taking several dryer sheets (at least three or four), start to stuff them into the toilet paper roll. Going from one end of the roll, push the dryer sheets to the other side so that the roll is mostly filled with dryer sheets. Save one or two dryer sheets for the next step. The amount of dryer sheets stuffed into a toilet paper roll will determine the power and level of effectiveness in masking any smells, so stuff away but not too much so that smoke cannot pass through.

3. Place dryer sheets on one end of toilet paper roll and secure

The last remaining dryer sheets should be molded around one end of the toilet paper roll. Using the elastic tie or tape, wrap around the dryer sheet so that it is covering the end tightly, like a screen. By securing the dryer sheets on one end, this ensures that the smoke will pass through the dryer sheet filters no matter what. 

Use your homemade sploof!

Now that the sploof is completed, it’s time to put it to use! Smoke with a peace of mind knowing that you are doing what you can to mask any unwanted smells by others without having to sacrifice your pastime activities. If you’re wondering how long a sploof can last, you will have to be the judge of that. Sploofs should last about a handful of times before the dryer sheet scent starts to fade, so changing the dryer sheets every few uses will guarantee freshness. 

How do you make a sploof without a dryer sheet?

How to make a DIY sploof (step-by-step instruction)

Did you really use your last dryer sheet with the laundry you did the other day and forgot to buy more? Now you’re looking around for old ones trying to see what else could work, but don’t worry there are other household items that can be used in place of dryer sheets. While these items are not guaranteed to work as efficiently as dryer sheets can, when experiencing a situation that calls for a sploof DIY it means you must use whatever you can to make it happen. So what can you use as a substitute for dryer sheets? Try any and all of these if you have them around the house to avoid taking another trip to the store.

Toilet paper or paper towels and essential oils

If you need something to soak up the smoke similarly to how dryer sheets do, try toilet paper or paper towels instead. While toilet paper or paper towels do not have the clean and fresh scent of dryer sheets, it will still filter smoke to some degree. If you want to take it a step further, try adding essential oils to the inside of the toilet paper roll to add a nice and powerful scent. This gives users the ability to customize their sploof’s scent every single time, which can be a nice touch to the low key smoke session. 

Coffee filters

If you think coffee filters are only good for filtering coffee - think again! Coffee filters are made of materials that are perfect for filtering unwanted contaminants, and in a stoner’s world that will be inconvenient and smelly smoke instead of coffee grounds. Feel free to add essential oils to the coffee filters as well, just don’t overdo it as you might inhale too much of a scent and it will become overwhelming. Some nice recommendations for essential oils are lavender, citrus, peppermint, and any other strong scents that will trigger the nose instead of the smoke smell being the star of the show. 

Activated charcoal and water bottle

A classic homemade sploof usually does not last long, but there are alternatives that can be effective for longer than the tried and true dryer sheet method. Active carbon, or activated charcoal, is an excellent way to clear a room as it literally sucks all of the contaminants in exactly the way it does with poison within the body. When using activated carbon, a sploof must be made with a plastic water bottle instead of paper towel rolls. 

The plastic water bottle should have small holes poked through to ensure a smooth airflow, then cover the bottom of the plastic water bottle with paper towels to make sure charcoal does not spill out of the bottle. To activate the charcoal, simply rinse with water and then drop it into the water bottle. When you are ready to smoke, simply exhale into the water bottle and witness activated charcoal work its magic!

What sploofs can you buy?

There are many smoke traps to buy online or near you, but if you are in a situation where you can’t run to the store or find one nearby - the homemade sploof is the best route to go. If you can make anything homemade that is of the same functionality as a store-bought device, why would you need to spend more money when you can repurpose what you have around the house? The point of a sploof is to effectively filter out unwanted smoke odors and air contaminants, so as long as users can achieve that then it doesn’t really matter what the sploof is made of or how it is made either. Sploofs can be life savers and really get you out of a smelly and unwanted situation without you feeling like you need to give up the precious Mary Jane. 

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