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Spidey Woods Rolling Tray
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All Natural Goku Rolling Tray
High Hemp Organic Wraps (50 wraps)
High Hemp Organic MANGO flavor Wraps (50 wraps)
High Hemp Wraps Honey Pot Swirl Flavor (50 wraps)
High Hemp Wraps Grape Flavor (50 wraps)
Afghan Hemp - Metal Tray Kit w/ Magnetic Lid (4 colors)
Raw Cone Organic (32 cones)
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Juicy Jay's Jones Pre-rolled cones (24 pack)
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Juicy Hemp Wraps - Strawberry Fields (Box of 50)
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High Hemp Wraps Hydro Lemonade Flavor (50 wraps)
High Hemp Filter Tips
High Hemp Organic Hubba Bubba flavor Wraps (50 wraps)
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High Hemp Organic BARE BERRY flavor Wraps (50 wraps)
High Hemp Original + Mango Wraps (50 wraps)
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Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers
RAW 1 1/4 Organic Cones
Afghan Hemp Bamboo Rolling Tray (Large)
Alterna-Rolls Sampler Pack
High Hemp Organic CHERRY flavor Wraps (50 wraps)
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Star Wars Death Star Grinder

Renew the Redwoods

Amazing piece. Even though the base is a little small, the shear weight of the glass keeps it upright. Great packaging too, even usps couldn’t break it

Decent design

A little overpriced for kind of detail your getting though, but it functions so I guess that's okay..

Exactly as displayed

A great tray and a good magnetic lid make this a perfect gift, was very satisfied with the design and detail.