Alien Ape
Alien Ape
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Alien Ape - Pocket Kit
Alien Ape - Silicone Ash Catcher
Sold Out
Alien Ape - SPARKER w/ Permanent Match
Alien Ape Silicone Bowl - Diamond Shape
Alien Ape Silicone Waterpipe - Slinkie (Large)
Alien Ape Dual Matrix Tower 16"
Alien Ape Fusion Rig
Alien Ape Rig 9" Rig
Alien Ape Two Tone Straight Tube
12" Alien Ape Bee Hive 9mm Beaker
Alien Ape Silicone Water Pipe - Hybrid Shower Head
Alien Ape Neon Beaker 16"
Alien Ape Silicone Waterpipe - Slinkie (Small)
Alien Ape Mini Rig
Alien Ape Colored Trim 9mm Beaker
Alien Ape 9mm Straight Beaker
Alien Ape 2 Tone Striped Beaker
Alien Ape Glass Ashtray w/ Silicone Sleeve
Alien Ape Water Pipe - Caramel (12")
Alien Ape 9mm Beaker w/ Matrix Perk
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Bitrug Moodmat (UV)

Great company

Couldn't wait to receive this product as I am a big fan of high hemp wraps. Product was received in proper time no issues. However upon opening the wraps some of them have been very very dry that they were already ripped or broke up in my hands.

I ordered the flat stoned roach holders at first but they were out of stock so they asked if it was Ok to send this kind. Not only are they better but they’re beautiful too!


Ran out of what I ordered gave me a free upgrade awesome.

Shipment related

Hey! I’m in Florida and we’ve been known to have a lot of stolen parcels that are due to usps inside. I would recommend asking USPS for the gps location of the scan and if they refuse to give it. They stole it. If they give it and it says your house , then you’re trying to scam the company