Afghan Hemp
Afghan Hemp
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Afghan Hemp Glass Ashtray w/ Silicone Sleeve
Puff Tray Triple Set
Two Piece Afghan Hemp Plastic Grinder (2 pack)
Afghan Hemp - Metal Tray Kit w/ Magnetic Lid (4 colors)
Afghan Hemp Metal Rolling Tray
Afghan Hemp Matchbox
Afghan Hemp 79 mm Rolling Machine
Afghan Hemp Hemp Wick 10 ft
Afghan Hemp Hemp Wick 20 ft
Afghan Hemp Hemp Wick 100 ft
Afghan Hemp Hemp Wick 250 ft
KANDL Smoke Odor Eliminating Scented Candle
Afghan Hemp Bamboo Ready To Roll Tray Kit
Afghan Hemp Pre-rolled King size Cones (1,000 pack)
Afghan Hemp King size Papers + Tips
Plain Afghan Hemp Bamboo Rolling Tray
Afghan Hemp Bamboo Rolling Tray (Small)
Afghan Hemp Bamboo Rolling Tray (Large)
Afghan Hemp Pre-Rolled Cone Packs
Afghan Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones
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Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer 4 Temp

Good Product

I really like these High Hemp Filter Tips smooth taste. Will buy again.

Bullet grinder w/pipe

I bought one for myself and one as a gift. We both really like them. Fast delivery.

Amazing work

Skull bong

Ive always wanted a skull bong and finally got one during the Halloween sale. This thing is awesome. I love the detail. Comes with a bowl and it works like it should. Thanks PPPI!