The Infamous Bong vs Joint Debate

Every stoner has a preference when it comes to a favorite method of smoking, whether it be joints, pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and so on. The bong vs joint debate is the topic of discussion and one that is necessary to have since these are two of the most traditional methods for weed consumption. While the two methods are pretty different, they are extremely effective and both require legal dry herb. Everyone has individual preferences so regardless of what your method of choice will be, you are guaranteed to get high AF. Of course, you don’t need to choose one or the other for the rest of your life, bongs vs joints can be used interchangeably throughout the week and depending on how much time you have on your hands. Whatever your method of choice, be sure to grab these necessary rolling essentials or one of these bongs and water pipes for a complete stoner setup.

Why is there a difference in effect when smoking bongs vs joints?

Although both joint vs bong both use legal dry herb, their methods for processing the herbs differ and so the effects will differ as well. The overall experience of using a bong vs joint also comes down to the amount of legal dry herbs used and the efficiency of each method too. With a bong, users can use a small amount of herb to get baked that will last a long while, whereas a joint will require much more legal dry herbs or possibly some tobacco as a filler which is an unhealthy alternative as compared to only legal dry herbs in a bong. Bongs go through a quick process so users can toke and go out the door in less than 5 minutes. A joint, on the other hand, can take at least 10 minutes to fully smoke in its entirety so depending on how much time you’ve accounted for the smoke session is how you should consider which method is best for you.

Will a bong vs joint get you higher?

Depending on how much legal dry herbs are being consumed in one session, if using the same amount of buds in a bong vs joint than a bong will most likely win. Smoking buds out of a joint vs bong are two completely different experiences and will both get you high, but the amount needed to roll a decent joint is a lot in comparison to the amount needed to get a decent high from taking hits off a bong. For the visual learners reading this, imagine the amount of legal dry herbs needed to smoke a decent joint is about 0.5 grams. This amount of buds equals a few big bowl bong rips and will get you high instantly without a doubt. Smoking joints can often waste some of the materials simply because it will continuously burn whether the user is puffing on it or not. 

Advantages of bongs

Advantages of bongs

Bongs are as old as time and perhaps one of the most common methods of consuming legal dry herb. Whether taking one hit or several bong rips, the bong experience is guaranteed to get any user high no matter what their tolerance level. Bongs have always had the excellent reputation for a seamless experience whether smoking individually or in a group, and when it comes to design and functionality it is unmatched when compared to other methods for smoking. There are so many unique bongs that are made of different materials, like glass bongs and silicone bongs, plus several are equipped with percolators that create more diffusion and filtration for a smoother hit. No matter what kind of bong someone owns, every bong user can attest to the fact that there is nothing like coming home to take a bong rip while sitting on the couch and unwinding for the day. Bongs are an excellent pastime for when you want to clean your house on the weekends but spice it up with a little wake and bake!

Bongs are more cost efficient long term

While some consider bongs to be expensive and are unsure whether to shovel out some cash to invest in a bong or water pipe, in the long run a bong will be much more cost efficient than smoking joints simply because it is a one time purchase. With joints, users must continuously purchase rolling supplies that can easily add up to much more depending on how much a user smokes. 

Bongs use less materials

Even if you are a heavy stoner and require three or more bong rips in one session, users that choose the bong route will save on the amount of legal dry herbs consumed and will actually get just as high if not higher. With a bong’s water filtration process, all the good stuff is pulled together into a thick cloud of smoke and with quick inhalation the user will become high instantaneously. Users that like to microdose or use a specific amount of buds to know how much they are consuming will benefit the most from using bongs instead of joints, especially for small amounts that probably will not burn efficiently if rolled into a joint. 

Advantages of joints

Advantages of joints

No stoner will turn down an old fashioned joint or spliff (combination of legal dry herbs and tobacco), and for some it is the tried and true method for smoking. Many often do joints specifically for the high it gives and there’s really no other feeling like it when comparing other methods of smoking. Whether a stoner chooses to wind down for the day in their backyard with a fat joint and beer in hand, or doing a wake and bake joint before doing some yoga flows - the ritual of rolling a joint, becoming centered with it and putting intention into every puff you inhale and exhale is something many choose simply due to tradition. The feeling of smoking a joint outside of a restaurant or packing a few joints for a beach day is something most cannot (or do not) want to do with a bong. 

Joints are convenient 

Even with mini bongs and how compact or travel-friendly it may be, it does not compare to the convenience of packing several joints into a small bag and getting on the go. Did you not plan on smoking but have some buds on you? All you need are papers and a grinder, which we hope you’ve planned ahead and got your rolling essentials from our online store for the best deals but if not the last resort is running to a store nearby and grabbing what’s on hand. With a bong setup, grabbing any bong that you find near you is a gamble and why pressure yourself like that if you’re just trying to get high now and move along? Joints are an easy crush a bit, roll it up and take a hit type of deal and when you’re on the fly a good old joint will always be available in a pinch. 

Is a bong vs joint healthier?

Smoking legal dry herbs out of a bong is healthier than smoking a joint for a variety of reasons. For starters, those that smoke joints are consuming the paper and fragments of the filter paper each time whereas smoking out of a bong does not burn any material beyond the buds. Also, it is much healthier on the lungs when combined with water filtration because it cools down the smoke and filters out debris for a smooth inhale. Using a bong as a beginner can be a daunting experience, but with practice it will become like second nature to fill up that bong bowl, light it up and work those lungs to clear the chamber. 

When comparing a bong vs joint in the health category, a lot of users that smoke joints typically combine their buds with tobacco as a filler. If not, the user will be using a pretty good amount of buds to fill up an entire joint that will be pleasurable enough to smoke. We’ve all been there where we don’t have much to put in a joint and when you try it is not the best smoking experience, so with instances like this the bong method is a clear winner since just a little legal dry herbs can go a long way with a bong. 

Is a joint vs bong better for the environment?

Hands down, bongs are better for the environment because they do not cause pollution the way joints can. Joints are an easy pastime when you are out and about, lighting up and flicking ashes on the ground then tossing the remains when you are through. Joints can be harmful to the environment with its continuous pollution so please keep this in mind that when you smoke joints use an ashtray and dispose of your ashes and joint remains responsibly. No one likes a messy stoner that ashes everywhere or tosses the end of a joint on the ground for anyone to come by - it is just unnecessary. Do your part and clean up your trash, it is not hard to do and you will be contributing positively to the environment - your reward is your high!

If the day ever comes that your bong breaks and you need to dispose of it, if it is glass please follow your current procedures like you would breaking a glass bowl in your kitchen. While it is a sad day and trust, we have all been there, a bong is overall still better for the environment because when it must be disposed of it most likely will not cause pollution the way smoking a joint does. 

What is better for first time smokers: bong vs joint?

If there is a joint already present and a first time smoker wants to partake and inhale a few puffs, that is a highly recommended experience coming from all stoners who decided to use a bong for their first time and went down the rabbit hole. Bongs for beginner users are scary, to say the least, and are definitely not recommended for a first time user since the high can become overwhelming. The main goal for first time smokers is to introduce them to the idea of smoking, and smoking joints vs bongs is better because they do not need to smoke the entire thing. With a bong, first time users are probably unaware of how much is too much or how to even inhale properly at all. With a joint, they can practice the inhale and exhale process without much effort or prior experience. One or two puffs is recommended for first time users and waiting 30 minutes to an hour to see the level of its effects is a safe way to get a first time user on their own high without completely sending them on a trip to the moon. Save the bong rips for someone who has smoked a few times and is ready to give it a go, there is plenty of time to become acquainted with a new bong for beginners and the first time is not one of them. 

What requires more skills, a bong vs joint?

These days, many stoners can head on over to the dispensary and grab themselves a few pre-rolls that will set them up right away for a smoke sesh. In this case, it does not require much skill to do that but rather its accessibility. To roll a traditional joint definitely requires a lot more skill than loading a bowl and smoking out of a bong, and does take a lot of practice with trial and error along the way. If you ever see a stoner that can roll a good joint quickly and efficiently, give them their flowers because it took them hundreds of joints to get them to that point. Rolling a joint is definitely a skill and requires someone to really take the time to know how to roll a joint with different types of materials on hand. With a bong, on the other hand, all you need to do is know how to properly light the contents in the bong bowl and how to inhale and you are well on your way to sailing straight to the clouds. It might take a few tries for beginners to learn the steps of lighting the bowl, inhaling a little bit, removing the bowl, and then inhaling fully for a cloud of smoke to travel up the chamber and through the mouthpiece. But once the process is done a few times, any newbie will soon turn into a pro with more experience to figure it all out. 

What burns slower bongs vs joints?

Bongs are definitely more fast-acting than smoking joints are, but joints do burn slower than just about any other method for smoking. Once you light up a joint, it will burn down to the opposite end and all of its contents with it. With a bong, the user is in full control of how much legal dry herbs they are lighting up and how much smoke they choose to inhale. Bong rips can be taken extremely quickly as long as there are grounded legal dry herbs on deck, and even that process doesn’t take long. Rolling a joint can be a slow process as well compared to using a bong since it does require more time and a heck of a lot more skill. Both methods for smoking are great for group settings as well, but if you are looking for a slow burn for the homies and yourself to enjoy then smoking a fat joint is highly recommended.

What tastes better, a bong vs joint?

The process of filtration when smoking out of a bong is unmatched when compared to smoking a joint. When users roll up and smoke a joint, there is absolutely no filtration besides an optional filter to catch any buds from reaching the mouth. When a bong filters the legal dry herbs of debris and remnants that none of us want to smoke, it creates a thick cloud of goodness that can actually enhance flavor profiles and bring out the natural terpenes that contribute to taste. Smoking a joint can be a bit harsh for those that are not accustomed to this method of smoking, but there are those that choose joints over bongs because of the slow burn and specific taste of papers or blunt wraps that can create a memorable combination. Again, it is all about preference and what the user prefers. Either way, a joint vs bong will not taste as good as taking dab hits could, so when choosing either method it is best to keep in mind that you are smoking and will taste the earthy goodness of Mary Jane.

What is more discrete, a joint vs bong?

Neither are discreet when you are smoking and mostly because of the smell, but joints are definitely more travel-friendly than bongs and can be much more discreet when transporting the goods. In terms of actually using bongs vs joints and how discreet it is while using, a bong could be more discreet because of how quick the process is as compared to the process of smoking a joint that could take double or triple the amount of time. Sometimes, a minute makes a difference when hiding your stash and smoking out of a bong could be a good way to instantly get high and dash elsewhere. On the other hand, used bongs can create a smelly mess when stored indoors and are unclean. Joints that are smoked in full can be left outside and disposed of, allowing the user to travel elsewhere and disassociating from the smell. But partially smoked joints that are stored will definitely leave a smell and will out you quickly so if you are looking to be discreet on the fly, smoke the joint in full and dispose of it responsibly. 

What smells less, bongs vs joints?

For beginner users, we hate to break it to you but both bongs vs joints will leave a smell for a good while unless smoked outdoors with good airflow. Any time someone is using legal dry herbs, it will smell and while there are ways to mask or try to conceal the smell over time - in the moment bongs vs joints methods will leave you smelling like buds regardless. A bong can be quick and the smoke can be directed pretty easily, while a joint continuously burns and will cause a lot more smoke than a bong will. A lot of users like to use bongs and sploofs, which is a device that helps to filter the smoke smell. Either bought at our online store or making a quick last minute version at home, sploofs can really help with controlling the smell from using a bong. A sploof can be used when smoking a joint, however the consistent stream of smoke will be difficult to mask and not be as efficient as using a bong and being able to cover the mouthpiece to trap in any remaining smoke left to be inhaled. 

Bongs vs joints supplies online

Now that you have the full rundown of whether bongs or joints would be best for you, which side are you choosing? You don’t have to pick a side and can enjoy the best of both worlds, and we got you either way with the best bongs online and rolling supplies you absolutely need to stock up on. At Puff Puff Pass It headquarters, our main goal is to provide quality service to our customers through our products along with the entire purchasing experience. We like to keep things affordable and available to make sure every customer has the chance to get their hands on something. We take pride in being more than the average smoke shop with our speedy delivery from our wide selection of accessories. Check out our Puff Puff Pass It story and contact us for any questions you might have, we’re always here and happy to help!