Puffco - The Peak Travel Glass

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The Peak Travel Glass allows you to travel safely with your glass filled with water, making it easier than ever to consume on the go. Patent-pending closure system features two positions accessible simply by rotating the mouthpiece. The open position lets you fill with water, inhale, empty water, and clean, where the closed position locks in your water so that none escapes during storage and transport.

*This is for travel glass ONLY. Puffco Peak is not included.

*Never fill your glass when attached to the base

**Never disassemble the mouthpiece, turn to open position when cleaning, do not remove

***Before storage or travel when in closed/locked position, flip your travel glass upside down to ensure no water comes out. Water damage to the Peak base is not covered under warranty.

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Shipment related

Hey! I’m in Florida and we’ve been known to have a lot of stolen parcels that are due to usps inside. I would recommend asking USPS for the gps location of the scan and if they refuse to give it. They stole it. If they give it and it says your house , then you’re trying to scam the company

0 stars, buy somewhere else

Since my review keeps getting deleted by the owners, I’ll try this again. I purchased this product for my brother’s birthday and unfortunately it was delivered by USPS to the incorrect parcel box. No attempt has been made by USPS or PPPI to rectify or locate the package that was misplaced. Instead, I was simply told to spend more money to get another one and forget about the original payment. This would mean that to get what I paid for already once, I essentially have to spend 137% of the retail price. I’m no mathematician, but it seems like the person getting the short end of the stick is me.

Hello Ryan,
We keep deleting your reviews because what you are saying is simply NOT TRUE! We have strong evidence showing that your package was in fact delivered to the EXACT address you provided us and USPS confirms delivery to this same exact address. We have proof of labels that show the address you entered was printed on the label and we also have USPS updates showing the package was delivered to your address. So when you say we delivered it to the wrong address, it's just not true and there is no place for this type of reviews on our site. We even tried to work with you and offered you a 50% discount on a new unit, but you declined.

This review will remain here for your records.