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This vaporizer was designed by the leader in extract vaporizers to maintain the same quality level of the original Evolve generation pens with additional functional features, and many users were impressed by long-lasting battery life, innovative coil technology, almost instantaneous heat-up, smooth flavor and stylish design. Yocan Technology figured out a way to improve upon their already-outstanding Evolve Plus model; and The Zeus pen vaporizer, designed by Puff Puff Pass It, is offered exclusively to our customers which includes all the helpful, innovative features of the Evolve Plus with the same high-quality build-but with some great new added upgrades to make the portable vaping experience even better.

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Zeus vaporizer is already impressive with its new original features combined with its elegant,
stylish appearance.

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Zeus kit comes with two coils: one ceramic donut coil and one quartz dual coil. The fact that Zeus comes with both types of coils standard lets users decide which is the best match to maximize their vaping experience. Yocan's Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) has been renowned for providing a clean, smooth experience. This technology evenly heats the product, allowing for intense and clear flavor combined with dense, rich vapor. Some users find the taste provided by a ceramic donut coil superior. Zeus vaporizer employs the same 1100 mah battery with 15-second shut off, providing long battery life when you're on the road, combined with the same micro USB charger that can connect either to a wall adapter or computer for easy and convenient charging. The integrated storage compartment screws directly underneath the battery, eliminating the need to carry a separate bulky silicone storage container has been carried over from Evolve Plus.


As seen on Touch of Modern - Zeus vaporizer is already impressive with its new original features combined with its elegant, stylish appearance. Zeus builds upon Evolve Plus reputation for eye-catching design by introducing a few colors: brushed brass, copper, and white that glows in the dark. Yocan’s Zeus vaporizer is an excellent, innovative portable vaping device, perfect both for current Evolve Plus users and for those who are completely new to this leading brand's line of vaporizers. Zeus' added features will upgrade your experience, and its sleek, small size designed for discreet portability make it the perfect choice for becoming your new go-to device--whether you're on the road or at home.

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