Types of Concentrates: Which Is Best For You

Cannabis concentrates have taken the marijuana industry by storm and are rising in popularity for its discreet, convenient and flavorful method. Users that like to use different types of concentrates for smoking appreciate the versatility and portability that types of concentrates offer. Concentrate types vary so it is important to understand what you are consuming prior to actually consuming it. Learn more about different types of concentrates, best vaporizers for sale, how to choose the best concentrate types for you and how types of concentrates are made. 

What are concentrates?

While there are different types of concentrates available, cannabis concentrates are extremely potent and concentrated amounts of compounds found in the cannabis plant. This includes several cannabinoids and terpenes, but it really depends on the strain of concentrate you go with as some can contain only CBD, only THC, and so on. Typically, concentrates are packaged into the containers you see that attach to a 510-thread battery, but other concentrate types can come in a plastic bag depending on its consistency. When it comes to consistency and what is actually a concentrate product, users need to understand the extraction process as this will affect its consistency and determine what it will be best used for. 

What are the types of concentrates?

There are many different types of concentrates to choose from which makes concentrates so popular to use in the first place, and with there being several options that stoners can try out to see what is best for them it is hard not to like at least one type of concentrate. If you have been around the cannabis concentrate community for a while, surely you have heard of the list of concentrates available but for the newbies here is a rundown of every type of concentrate you need to know about. Do not knock it till you try it, you never know if your body will take a certain type of concentrate more kindly than another. 

How do I choose my cannabis concentrate?

A few key factors go into choosing from different types of concentrates that are the best for you, and it can be no easy task when trying to identify exactly which concentrate types your body prefers. Deciding whether to go with one over the other truly depends on the following criteria, feel free to pick and choose which matters to you most. Every user decides to vape different types of concentrates for various reasons, so be very clear with your intention for using types of concentrates and it will become a lot more visible to you about which concentrate types you should go with. 

  • Potency levels. It is vital that you take potency and THC count into consideration when trying to figure out which different types of concentrates are best for you. If you are looking for the ultimate concentrate types that deliver a consistent euphoric and high effect, look for types of concentrates that contain high levels of THC so you know exactly what type of high you are getting. 
  • Relaxation. Are you looking to relax more so than feeling the effects of being high? Trying different types of concentrates that have higher levels of CBD are much more effective in helping to relax a user without them getting extremely high. 
  • Flavor. If you are the type of smoker that is really into flavors then go for the types of concentrates that have high terpenes that contribute to such flavorful puffs. 

  • Your favorite strain in flower form might differ when it comes to smoking it as a different type of concentrate, so step outside of the box and try different types of concentrates to see what makes you feel best. Similarly to how you would have a sativa strain in the day and indica strain at night, there are different types of concentrates that work better for daytime use versus nighttime use.

    What is the highest quality cannabis concentrate?

    Since there are many brands that deliver high quality cannabis concentrate, it is irresponsible to name specific brands as recommendations because every user is different based on experience. There are different types of concentrates that work better than others, or at least offer a higher potency or flavorful effect depending on the strain and type. Crystallines are the form of cannabis that contain almost 100% pure THC content, and are used to melt down into an isolate. Crystallines are excellent for creating new products, especially into different types of concentrates because of their high potency. 

    How can you tell good quality concentrate?

    The best way to tell if you are handling a good quality concentrate is to ensure that you have a concentrate that looks clean and clear. Even if there are different types of concentrates, every high-quality concentrate will be clean and clear because it is made of pure ingredients. Another way to tell if you are dealing with good quality concentrate is to taste it, and if it tastes funky or has a bad odor then you know it is no good. If you ever have any doubt about the different concentrate types and their quality levels, always make sure you are buying from a trustworthy seller because at the end of the day that should be a telling sign from the start. Legitimate sellers will have products with batch numbers from manufacturers that can trace it back to its origins, and can also provide certification about the processes it went through to produce that concentrate. 

    What is the most suitable concentrate for beginners?

    If you are a newbie in the concentrates community and looking into different types of concentrates, there are a few that are recommended more than others in terms of potency and effectiveness. The last thing a beginner wants is to have different types of concentrates that have too much THC or high levels of THC that are too strong, because that might deliver a bad experience and nobody wants that. Starting out in low doses of THC and higher levels of CBD can help beginners to dip their toes into the vaping pool without going overboard. Different types of concentrates with higher levels of CBD instead of THC can provide a relaxing experience without putting a user on their couch for several hours. Especially for beginners, when they are trying something it might become overwhelming so the best thing to do is consume it in small doses. Whether that is through microdosing different types of concentrates or using concentrates with low levels of THC, trying out what works best for you is the name of the game as a newbie so get into it!

    Pros and cons of smoking concentrate

    Pros and cons of smoking concentrate

    Every user has their reasons for smoking different types of concentrates, and to each their own as we all have our vices and do what works for us. There are a few pros and cons of smoking concentrate that should be made aware, especially to beginners that deserve to have the full picture of what using different types of concentrates look like. 

    Potent and smooth hits

    A lot of users love smoking different types of concentrates because of its potency and smoothness each hit provides. Vaping concentrates whether through vape pens or through dabbing is a lot more high quality than other forms of smoking cannabis, since most concentrates contain higher levels of cannabinoids. Concentrates always deliver smooth and filtered hits which are obviously highly favorable.

    Clear and extensive high

    Concentrates deliver a very clear high and allows users to know that using concentrates will always put them in that euphoric and calming state. Many concentrates smokers like to use it because they always know it will give them a nice high, even if just taking one hit. 

    Portable and easy to use

    Using different types of concentrates allows smokers to toke on the go and use disposable concentrates which has truly helped stoners to get high on the fly without any issues. A travel-friendly and easy-to-use device has been a very popular method for smokers because who doesn’t love a simple smoking solution rather than having to set up all the gimmicks of a dab rig setup? Concentrates give users options no matter what type of smoking situation they are in. 

    Concentrates can be more addictive

    It is very easy to use concentrates, hence the reason why it is easier to become more addicted or dependent on concentrates. When concentrates deliver such a clear and strong high, it is understandable that users become more dependent on it and might feel the need to use it more over flower. But when different types of concentrates are portable and so easy to get high with, that comes with a higher dependency which needs to be acknowledged. Depending on a user’s tolerance, this might typically affect their overall performance and daily productivity. 

    Difficult to make

    Leave it to the pros to make different types of concentrates because it can be a tedious task and also a dangerous one. Concentrates are meant to be manufactured in a specific way that will preserve the potency of its THC content along with ensuring high quality and up to standard health protocols when making it. It is not recommended that different types of concentrates are made at home as this is not the type of DIY project any smoker should want to take on. 

    How do I smoke concentrates?

    How do I smoke concentrates?

    Beginners might need a quick tutorial on how to smoke concentrates properly, and we have all been there so there is no need to stress over it. Once you have a few puffs and understand how the different types of concentreates work, users can generally figure out what works best for them and whether they actually like to smoke concentrates or not. Here is a quick overview of how to smoke concentrates, whether dabbing or through a vape pen. 

    How to dab concentrates

    Start by setting aside the amount of wax concentrate that you will be using to turn into vapor. Light up your torch and heat up the banger nail, heating it for about 20 to 30 seconds depending on how high in temperature you prefer to take dabs. After the banger nail is fully heated up, use your dab tool to place the wax on the banger nail so that it starts to melt, and use your carb cap to start inhaling for a nice hit. 

    How to use concentrates in a vape pen

    A vape pen is a portable and travel-friendly option that many users like to have on deck for a quick few puffs, and is an excellent device to keep on hand for whenever you need a quick sesh. Concentrates through a vape pen are especially easy to use, because all you need to do is press the power button and any temperature settings that are available to use. Vape pens are extremely simple to implement into your routine because all you do is whip it out, turn it on, and start to vape! Different types of concentrates through a vape pen make quick smoke sessions possible whenever you are in need. 

    What are known extraction methods?

    What are known extraction methods?

    There are a few extraction methods when it comes to creating concentrates, and we highly recommend that these are professionally done because they are a tedious process that needs to be done correctly to avoid any mishaps and dangerous occurrences when extractions go wrong. 

    BHO (butane hash oil)

    In the cannabis community, butane hash oil is commonly referred to as BHO, and is actually a pretty complicated process. BHO passes butane over plant material during its extraction process which results in wax, and sometimes shatter if the butane makes the plant material too hard, similar to glass. This extraction process for concentrates is not organic but does create a highly potent and effective amount of concentrate while eliminating other plant material that is not necessary in concentrates. 

    CO2 extraction

    Extraction of concentrates via CO2 is similar to the BHO method but instead using CO2. CO2 extraction is a lot more popular when it comes to extraction methods because it is much safer than butane. Executing a CO2 extraction will give a sweeter tasting concentrate that becomes fully hard at room temperature, yet melts and contains potent THC content when melted.

    Dry ice

    Using dry ice as an extraction method for making different types of cannabis concentrate is another way to quickly turn cannabis material into a powder. Using dry ice to shake with the cannabis material will allow the trichomes of the cannabis plant to separate and turn into that powder. 


    An alcohol-based extraction method using acetone is also another way to create concentrates, and this is done by soaking the cannabis plant in acetone. When the color of the cannabis plant soaking in acetone becomes light and clear, this indicates a pure state and is ready to use. Alcohol-based wax concentrates might have strong fumes leftover from the extraction process but this is normal and not an indication of quality. 

    Water and ice extraction method

    This type of extraction method is otherwise known as ice wax because it fully melts as a concentrate leaving little to no ash behind. Using screens and cold ice water, this extraction process creates a very pure and potent product that often feels like soft sand instead of wax. 

    Which is stronger, extract or concentrate?

    Extracts and concentrates are often used interchangeably, and while all extracts are concentrates, not all concentrates are considered extracts. Depending on the type of extraction, typically different types of concentrates are stronger because of what they can be mixed with (like different terpenes, CBD, etc.) Concentrates are an easy option for consumers to get their hands on and can be a lot more simple to use as well, compared to extracts that usually contain only one part of the cannabis plant.

    Concentrates for sale

    Now that you know about the different types of concentrates, which ones are you most interested in trying? There are several concentrate types to choose from and depending on why you want to use concentrates there will be options that are better than others. At Puff Puff Pass It we only carry the best vaporizers and devices to hold your favorite concentrates, and if you do not know about us by now, read up! Different types of concentrates are great for different occasions, whether by yourself or with a group there is a concentrate type for everyone. Different types of concentrates are made in various ways so if you are specific about what you consume, make sure you do your research and be aware of what you are putting into your body prior to doing it. Concentrates are potent, fast-acting and a great time so grab one near you at a dispensary and get your vape on properly! You will most likely keep at least one vape pen around for easy smoking convenience, we are so confident that you will like the concentrates available that we bet five bucks on it.