How To Clean A Vaporizer: Stey-by-step instructions

Everyone that uses a vaporizer knows that it must be cleaned regularly in order for it to properly function and last as long as you would like it to. And just like how you would clean a bong, there are certain methods that you should use when learning how to clean a vaporizer. There are actually several reasons as to why you should always maintain a clean vaporizer, with individual health and cleanliness as a top priority. Here is the rundown on everything you should know when it comes to learning how to clean vaporizer, and once you are done with this you will be a master of cleaning your smoking accessories so you can always have fresh devices to look forward to using. Regardless of whether you are using an herb vaporizer or a wax vaporizer, the best reward after a cleaning session is the first hit that follows! For the newbies that need a clean vaporizer, at Puff Puff Pass It we got you!

Do vaporizers need to be cleaned?

Everyone should try to own a clean vaporizer at all times, as it definitely contributes to the overall quality of the hits the user is inhaling. Because who wants to be vaping from a dirty device that might clog up? It sounds as bad as it is, and the only way to avoid this treacherous situation is to regularly clean vaporizer devices to easily solve this problem. 

Cleaning regularly means at least once a month, but if you prefer to be on the safe side - a weekly cleaning is ideal. This will ensure that there is absolutely no build-up, no matter how much you might use your vaporizer device daily. It is important to keep good hygiene habits in everything you do, and when it comes to smoking accessories this should hold especially true considering how much bacteria can build up even after a few sessions. 

Why is regular cleaning so important?

Would you want to work harder for pretty much no reason other than rough environmental conditions? That is the logic behind keeping a clean vaporizer at all times. If there is a lot of build-up in a vaporizer pen, the vape chamber will have to work even harder to deliver any kind of hit. Any vaporizer device with buildup will not give a good quality hit regardless of how hard you try to hit it. So really the choice is yours, but the path of least resistance is to regularly know how to clean vaporizers so you can always have a sparkling device that is free of bacteria and contaminants. 

How often should vape be cleaned?

As previously mentioned, users can clean their vaporizer devices as little or as often as they would like. If a user would like to maintain their device’s longevity, then cleaning it as often as once a week should do the trick in ensuring a long-lasting vaporizer. A vaporizer body is what sets the tone for the chamber containing grounded buds, so no matter how great of a marijuana strain you have - it will mean nothing if you have a vaporizer device that is dirty, unkept and unable to perform at its best. Depending if you prefer to do a deep clean or purely maintenance and upkeep, a deep clean can be done monthly while maintenance cleans can happen once a week or twice a month. 

Which vaporizer parts should be cleaned?

Obviously, you do not need to be cleaning the battery part of the vaporizer and there are certain parts that should be paid more attention to than others when it comes to a cleaning cycle. The chamber and the mouthpiece of a clean vaporizer will make all the difference between a mediocre-quality hit and an outstanding-quality hit. The chamber will obviously have built-up residue and overall can accumulate a nasty amount of resin that is not healthy for inhaling. The mouthpiece is self-explanatory as to why it should be cleaned regularly, especially if using a vaporizer that others are sharing as well. The mouthpiece should be cared for seriously because that is the part that connects to the mouth (obviously) and so you should pay attention to the materials that are being used since no one wants to be inhaling harsh chemicals. 

What should I use to clean the vaporizer?

There are a few solutions that can be bought online, or many choose to use household products that they already have on hand. The following ingredients and supplies are safe to use on vaporizers and you won’t have to worry about inhaling anything harmful or worth worrying about. 

Isopropyl alcohol

This is one of the most common household items that many use to clean their smoking accessories with, and is typically already found in most homes which can help you avoid going to the store one too many times. 


Another commonly found household item, vinegar can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. Vinegar is considered to be an all-natural liquid that disinfects and treats surfaces and even food! It is a multi-purpose cleaner that many rely on to heavily disinfect their devices. While the smell might not be as favorable compared to using other types of cleaning solutions, vinegar most definitely gets the job done and can be relied on every single time.

Scrub brushes

Sometimes, vaporizers might come with small brushes that are extremely helpful to have because it will make all the difference in getting the built-up gunk that might accumulate in small corners. 

It is important to be aware of what materials your vaporizer is made of, as this will help you to determine what supplies are most necessary to get and what might not be the best fit. 

How to deep clea vape

How to deep clean a vaporizer?

With a few of the cleaning solutions and tools mentioned above, this will set up any user to successfully deep clean their vaporizer. It won’t take much to deep clean a vaporizer, but the right tools will make all the difference in working smarter not harder. Most users will want to know how to clean a vaporizer but knowing how to perform a deep clean on their devices is what will determine its longevity and overall quality. If performing a deep clean on a vaporizer, this just means that the regular maintenance cleanings will not be too cumbersome and in fact make it a whole lot easier to handle in the long run. 

Depending on what kind of vaporizer you own, this will determine the specifics of each step-by-step instruction for keeping a clean vaporizer. If you have an herb vaporizer, you will want to take extra care in making sure the chamber is cleaned out properly as this will contribute greatly to the condition of a clean vaporizer. If you have a wax/oil vaporizer, the mouthpiece and the part where the concentrate and vaporizer battery connect is what you will pay attention to as the way you screw it in and store it can contribute to its clean condition too.

How to clean a herbal vaporizer properly? 

When you own a dry herb vaporizer, the grounded bud can build up and the excess resin that it creates can become a hassle to clean over time. That is why when implementing somewhat of a normal cleaning schedule, it will help with that overloaded build-up so that it will not be as difficult to get rid of if you take it on before it becomes too much. To properly clean a dry herb vaporizer, you should grab the following items:

  • Small cleaning brush
  • Cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl alcohol or vinegar (either or)
  • Water 

Isopropyl alcohol or vinegar will do the trick to disinfect the vaporizer and loosen up any residue that might be stuck to the inside of the vaporizer. Isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is typically used when cleaning out bongs and pipes, so essentially the same method will be applied except there will not be a need for coarse salt since it is easier to get into the nooks and crannies of a vaporizer as compared to a bong or pipe.

1. Empty out the dry herb vaporizer

Discard any leftover dry herb that might be in the chamber oven, since this will be easier to properly know how to clean a vaporizer when the cashed bud is removed and out of the way. 

2. Use small brush around mouthpiece

This should be done without explanation, but in case you need a reason to understand why the mouthpiece should be scrubbed with a little brush - hygiene! There is a ton of built up bacteria that can easily occur in just a few days' time if you allow saliva to coat over the mouthpiece without wiping each time. And even if you pay attention to the mouthpiece often and wipe it down, there is usually some form of bacteria that can get pushed into the mouthpiece which is where the handy small brush comes in. 

3. Use small brush in dry herb chamber

Taking the small brush, preferably with firm bristles, use it in the chamber where the dry herb goes and give it a good scrub. It makes the cleaning process so much easier when using a small brush like this because it removes the need for any salt or extra scrubbing later on. This can be done without water at first, then once the chamber is rinsed out the brush can be whipped out again to give it some extra exfoliation.

4. Use cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol 

Taking the cotton swabs, dip into some isopropyl alcohol and give your vaporizer a good wiping down, making sure that the inside chamber and parts of the mouthpiece are thoroughly wiped down as well. This almost gives each clean vaporizer a double cleansing by buffing out the leftover debris then killing off any unwanted bacteria that can be found in any dirty vaporizer. 

5. Dry out dry herb vaporizer before using

It is important to note that a dry herb vaporizer must be dry before attempting to use it again, and wiping it down with a dry paper towel can definitely speed up the process - if you have some time to wait out the air dry method that is most recommended. The smell of isopropyl alcohol can definitely be too much for many, so letting a clean vaporizer air dry itself out is the most ideal. Trust that this process is much healthier for you and the next fresh hit will be way more enjoyable than rushing to get to it without letting the vaporizer time to air out. 

How to clean a wax/oil vaporizer properly? 

The process does not differ to omuch when it comes to cleaning a wax vaporizer, but there are many methods that can be implemented depending on what type of cleanliness you are aiming for. If a user can maintain their oil vaporizer pretty regularly, chances are there will not be much to clean and spot cleaning can totally become a thing for wax vape users. 

Wax vaporizers can be cleaned in the same way that a dry herb vaporizer is cleaned, but you will want to make sure that you are paying attention to the atomizer which is where the concentrated wax lives and becomes vaporized. Oftentimes, when using wax vaporizers there can be some leakage or accidental spills which can cause the leftover wax to dry up and become a difficult mess. This is why isopropyl alcohol is so popular when knowing how to clean a vaporizer, because it actually helps in breaking down that hardened wax to make it easier for a user to remove. Combine that with a good brush scrub and you got yourself an all-star lineup that will make sure you have the most clean vaporizer around. 

Top tips to clean a vape

Can I use vinegar to clean a vaporizer?

Vinegar essentially works the same as isopropyl alcohol, but many do not like the smell of vinegar and this can be a deal breaker for those that have any type of scent sensitivity. Vinegar is an excellent ingredient to have in your household regardless since it has so many uses, but in this case you might want to consider isopropyl alcohol if you want to be quick and seamless with this cleaning procss. 

How to use vape after cleaning

Using a vape directly after cleaning it is not as easy and straightfoward as it would be with a bong or pipe. To fully speed up the process instead of air drying out the clean vaporizer pieces, the vape device can get cleaned out another time by heating up the chamber to its full temperature capacity and letting it run through itself for a few minutes. The chamber should be empty and free of grounded bud, so consider it to be the same process as disinfecting your washing machine - put it through a cycle to clean itself out and avoid doing more work than necessary!

Top tips for a clean vaporizer

It might sound redundant, but it is essential to know the best tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining a clean vaporizer. Knowing how to clean a vaporizer properly will be the difference between having to replace a vaporizer year after year, versus maintaining and keeping the condition of one vaporizer by simply keeping it clean. It really is that easy, and will save some serious coins because the amount of vaporizers you have probably bought because you thought it became defective or stopped working - it was probably just craving a cleaning and over time a device will reach a point where it is at the point of no return. To avoid having to replace a vaporizer year after year, learn how to clean a vaporizer properly so you know the telling signs of a potentially deteriorating vaporizer pen. Telling signs of when a vaporizer pen should be cleaned immediately:

  • Resin buildup. While this is one of the more obvious signs that it is time to clean your vaporizer, sometimes when a user does not pay attention to these things the resin buildup can get out of control. To avoid this, regularly checking and clearing out any resin buildup in a vaporizer will go a long way versus discovering it when it has already lowered the quality of each hit.
  • Performance issues. If a user is having a hard time pulling from their vape pen, otherwise inhaling with no success - there might be a clog and it will take a moment to clean out a vaporizer pen right then and there. Being prepared at all times is a must, along with knowing these signs so you can pinpoint the problem exactly. 
  • Difficulty inhaling. We have all been there where we try to inhale the hookah or a vape pen (or other), and if it becomes too difficult to inhale properly - evaluate the situation and know it probably has everything to do with a clogged vaporizer device or the materials being misused. 
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