ZEUS - GLOW IN THE DARK - Extract Vaporizer

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The all new, white color, glow-in-the-dark ZEUS has arrived. 

ZEUS is a portable extract vaporizer, built with purity in mind. Designed by the creative team of 'Puff Puff Pass It' and manufactured by the leading extract vaporizer company, Yocan Technology, ZEUS is truly a game changer for all extract smokers. The kit includes two types of coils to satisfy a variety of users. One is crafted using quartz and the other, is ceramic donut shape coil. The atomizer consists of a magnetic snap-on mouthpiece to offer the most convenient method of loading the coil with product. Underneath the battery of ZEUS, there is a discreet container with silicone lining for storage.

Kit includes:

  • ZEUS 1100 mah long lasting battery
  • ZEUS atomizer with magnetic snap-on mouthpiece
  • 1X Quartz coil
  • 1X Ceramic donut coil
  • 1X Pick tool
  • Micro USB Charger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very nice quality. Works like a charm. Would definitely recommend this. 10 out of 10.


Is probably one of the best looking piece especially at night. Asweome!!!!

Yocan Evolve Plus ZEUS EDITION

This is a good sturdy vape pen with a convenient hinged tip to easily load up your e-rig without having to unscrew the coil housing and top of atomizer compartment just to take your next dab......but it did make for a loosely secured cap that just clicks gently to close the tip and into I could see how the poorly manufactured hardware might break or wear out over time though. The price point makes this the best part!!!

Highest Quality Dab Vape Yet...

The PPPI x Yocan Zeus concentrate vaporizer is a concentrate vape like no other! With its solid brushed brass design, you don’t have to worry about build quality, because it’s there and it’s some of the best I’ve seen so far. I really enjoy the fact they give you two different atomizers for two different kinds of hits for whatever concentrate you may be using but I will say I would have preferred a triple or even quad coil atomizer option as well as more atomizer attachments to buy for this great pen. The 1100MAH battery packs a whallop and last for days on a full charge but could also use an upgrade like different heat settings. The silicone container that screws into the bottom of the pen is an ingenious life saver so kudos there! Last it not least is the magnetic flip top which allows for easy loading and checking of atomizer. All this for 35$ plus free, fast shipping is what we call a “steal” in the real world lol. The only only other thing I have to say is to maybe make the button on the pen more sturdy or switch to a touch button like one of the competitors have on theirs, such as the Cannastick Dab Mod. Overall 4.7/5 stars from this Dab Monster!