Pandon Quad Vaporizer Kit

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Pandon is a compact handheld vaporizer pen you can carry anywhere.  Assembled using the latest in vaporizer technology, the Pandon is a must have for new and experienced vapor connoisseurs.
The Pandon features a Unique QUAD coil technology by using two QDC (Quartz Dual Coils) Coils.  The QUAD coil design makes it a solid pen that produces huge clouds of vapor.  You can choose to use two coil heads or just one.  
Quartz coils provide the purest experience and guarantee a crystal clean and smooth essence.
The functional coil cap prevents the oils from leaking out and keeps the heat away from the mouthpiece.
The Pandon has a long lasting 1300mAh capacity battery with a 10 second continuous cutoff.  The compact yet powerful battery in this pen makes it great for people who want to discreetly cape on the go.
The output voltage can be adjusted for different occasions.  To adjust the voltage level, click the power button 5 times in two seconds. To power ON/OFF the device, click the button again 2 times.
The battery features a micro USB port, an easy and convenient way to charge the battery.  Vape on the go, Pandon is made for traveling.
Package includes:
1X Pandon pen
1X Pick tool
1X Charger
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Customer Reviews

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Good vape

Really like this pen.

Not only do i like

Not only do i like it. Its my 3rd n 4th ones purchased with plans to buy 2 more soon!!!

Pandon Quad

Love it so much, i ordered 2 more AND a 10 pack of replacement coils. How's THAT for a review?

So nice I bought it twice.

Simply can't be beaten for use with concentrates at this cost. The factory qdc do well and are not as much of a pain to maintain as I was expecting as they can undergo some serious simultaneous chain burn cycles using hottest setting until until was to hot to hold. If I can pass any wisdom onto you pandon owners is to scour the internet for fake authentic yucan evolve ceramic donuts remember they have to be for the evolve not the evolve plus as +models are not long enough to connect with battery and using 2 at once isn't possible if you creativity bridge the missing gap. I found 1 site after extensive searching that is based in Oregon to help you out. Yucan needs to get on making the ceramic donuts for these units as the hits are smoother like a cigarette like experience giving the most tastey delicious hits I've ever had and oddly a slight tasted of menthol combined with improved burn efficiency, best used at lowest setting saving battery life both short/long term as the battery don't produce heat not having the high current draw, the harshness present remains consistent from starting inhale completely through to finish exhale. I've smoked for 20 years now and I've been around the block a few times but I've never and I mean never have ever had that type of consistency+quality+taste+enjoyability in my life. Think it's mostly due to having 2 small donuts going at the same time as 1 donut wouldn't cut it I don't think which provides the results experienced

Yocan Pandon

The double coils in each atomizer is perfect.