Nintendo Classics Bundle

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Nintnendo Classics Pack 
This package is ideal for any Die Hard Nintendo Fan , perfect for you or a Loved one. This package includes five items valued over $100. This package is  made to make sure a smoker has every necessary tool to get in his happy place. Give solace to yourself knowing that when its time to rest you already have everything you need relax away the rest of the day.
Kit includes:
  • Silicone Mario Water Pipe (random color)
  • Grail Nail 14 mm Male Banger 
  • Wild Luigi Carb cap / Pick tool
  • Highcons mini Dab mat (dab mat might vary from the photo)
  • Bowser Resin Pipe
  • 2 Yoshi Silicone cases 
  • Mario's Stoney Nights silicone ash tray 
  • Nintendo Classic Controller two slot Silicone case 
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I was very pleased with my purchase! I also loved that when I e-mailed you regarding this purchase the staff responded in a timely matter loved it! I’ve had online purchases in my past where they don’t reply to my e-mail or they take two weeks to respond or my purchases are completely wrong from the pictures. So I am glad to finally find a an online place that I can rely on. I appreciate you guys! Thank You!

great buy!!