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It worked for me!

I received a great job offer, that came with a physical and drug screening. I have a medical marijuana card, but employers in my state do not have to recognize that for employment. I had 4 full days before I had to take the test. I am in my mid 40’s, 5’9’’, 180 lbs. I have been a gram a day smoker for a decade with few short breaks. I started by changing my diet, all salads and fruit for 4 days with lots of water and a multivitamin daily, no carbs, no fats, no dairy. 2 days prior I took the pre-cleanse packets. On the day of the test I drank the 2 four oz bottles, waited 15 minutes, then drank 32 oz of water. After peeing twice I tried a take home test and failed. I didn’t have high hopes at that point. I drank another 20 oz of water with my daily vitamin an hour before I left. Peed one more time and went to take the test. I am happy to say it worked for me and I passed. Many that fail have not followed the direction properly. Don’t say it too much water. It is the equivalent of a large Gatorade. In my case with the extra water it was about a 6 pack.

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