Chillhit Freeze.Smoke.Repeat.

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Chillhit mouthpieces enhances your smoking experience. 

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Built with a glass piece in the 
center for maximum cooling. FEATURES & BENEFITS FORGET THE ICE AND THE MESS 

-Premium freezable mouthpieces remove the need of ever using ice to 
cool your hits. While other mouthpieces do not don't feature any cooling. 

- One of the most annoying things about hot hits is that they burn and irritate your throat. Our  patent-pending technology regulate the temperature, ensuring an optimal temperature for every hit.

mouthpieces fits glass accessories with a diameter of 1" and above. They 
are also usable with pre-rolls. DISHWASHER SAFE, EASY TO CLEAN, & MESS 
FREE! - One of the most annoying things of cleaning devices is having to 
use alcohol and salt to clean them. The ChillHit mouthpiece enables you to 
easily place it in the dishwasher and you’re done. Otherwise, you can use 
salt and alcohol in a zip-lock bag.

Available in 3 colors

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