Atman Electric E-nail / Case Combo

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Atman Electric E-nail with Case
  • Standard sizes available with various cross section
  • Various Watt Density options available.
  • Robust Design with Choice of Terminal Exits
  • Available with built in Thermocouple
  •  Designed for even heat profile.
  • Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzles & Manifolds.
  • Highly Non-corrosive.
  • Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.
  • Advanced Thermal Engineering.
Contents ( Temp Box included not Attatched  ) 
  • Sheath Material: Cr Ni-Steel
  • Insulation Material: MgO
  • Resistance Wire: Ni Cr 80-20
  • Heating Coil Diamater: 16mm/20mm
  • Temperature Range: 200-700° F
  • Thermocouple: J Type or K Type
  • Padded Briefcase
  • 5.5ft Power Cord
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