6" GRAV® Arcline™ Hemisphere Bubbler

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thick glass good for strength, but not for view

The glass on this piece is good and strong, and it's low center of gravity makes for great stability - so if worry about breakage is your main concern, this might be the piece to get. It's architectural lines are pleasing to the eyes when on display in your home, that is another plus.

But I was thinking that in addition, it would also give a really good view of the smoke or vapor - it seemingly has such great potential for that with its wide dome and mouthpiece placed so that the user looks directly over that dome, providing a perfect viewing perspective. That's what I was looking for and why I chose this particular piece... but it didn't work out well on that level at all. Maybe it has to do with the thickness of the glass, but I found that it actually gives a much less accurate and less detailed view of the clouds forming than most other glass pieces I have - even ones where the design has far less potential for that, as far as the user's field of view when looking down into the can from the mouthpiece.

I also found the fun factor lacking: not much action, gives a lazy feeling hit which I think many people would easily and quickly get bored with.

So it depends on what you're looking for - if it's for glass built like a little tank as far as resistance to tipping over and to breakage, then go for it. Likewise if you want a piece primarily for good looks on the shelf. Otherwise, look for a piece that's more fun to use - and protect your glass investment by always using it on an anti-skid mat. There are lots of good ones out there (such as generic and cheap kitchen store silicone trivets with a honeycomb like texture), but the Dycem brand is best; most pieces used on their mats will be as risk-free for breakage as this one would be if used without any anti-skid mat protection.

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