14'' GRAV® Menorah

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14" GRAV® Menorah Water Pipe made on 44mm tubing with 8 funnel pinch bowls and fixed fission downstems, angled mouthpiece, and extra-thick foot stand.


  • Horizontal shape fits easily on your tabletop
  • Approximately 14" long
  • Base width: 4"
  • Includes 8x 10mm bowls and downstems
  • Limited edition 
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Customer Reviews

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This thing is unreal!! Not only is it one of the greatest novelty water pipes I have ever owned, it is also the greatest show piece, I had my parents over for dinner a couple of days ago and they even commented on how great a candle holder it is hahahaha I left it out on display for this very reason, they didn’t even realise :joy::joy::joy: 5 stars