Alterna-Rolls Sampler Pack

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Alternarolls Sampler
  • This package contains alternative Rolls & Wraps that May Be New To You and possibly healthier
  • This package includes a total 15 new smoking experiences!
  • King Palm: Pre Rolled Cured Corn Husk tubes with incorporated filter
    • 1 King Roll
    • 3 Slim Rolls
    • 4 Mini Rolls
  • Million Bananas: All Organic cured Banana Fruit Tree Wraps
    • 2 Sheet Wraps
  • Palm Twist: Pre Rolled Corn Husk Tubes with incorporated filter
    • 1 King Roll
  • High Hemp: Non-GMO All Organic hemp wraps
    • 2 unflavored Hemp wraps with tips
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great products

This is a great sample pack I found many things that I will like trying one a regular basis

All good

Every one ether stuffed or rolled excellent joints or blunts and I love the burn rate great